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Stone Saunders and Rico Scott Torch La Salle in 47-21 Win

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| September 8, 2023

Mark Stoops and Nick Saban sat back and couldn’t help but laugh watching Stone Saunders total five touchdowns and Rico Scott total three touchdowns. Early issues going three and out in the first drive and giving up a touchdown right away, some speculated on how Bishop McDevitt would respond or if La Salle would be the superior team. Those questions were silenced at the start of the second. The second McDevitt made a stop and forced a turnover, the momentum never went back to La Salle.

“I thought I came out a little slow in the beginning, had some throws I would like back but we picked it up as a team” – Saunders on his early struggles.

Saunder’s five-touchdown performance was quite interesting. If you looked at the stats you’d think he had the game of the year but RAC inflates that. Saying Saunders didn’t have a good game would be the wrong implication. Early off he started rough with some missed throws and taking sacks instead of throwing the ball away. Getting sacked three times and hit four times in the first half may have taken a toll on him if he wasn’t 210.

“We got hit with some stuff we weren’t prepared for but we just picked it up and we did what we always do which is come back stronger and we finished great so it was a good game” – Saunders on how he thought he and the team played.

Saunder’s first touchdown came off a simple eight-yard pass to Scott who turned eight yards into sixty-four. His next two came from simple plays. A ten-yard out route to Scott brought them back within one and a two-yard push into the endzone after a strip and recover by Nevan Hopkins gave them the ball back at La Salles 26, McDevitt was on top for the first time in the game leading 20-14. Going into the half Saunders overthrew a pass in the back of the endzone that would’ve put McDevitt up three scores, but they went into the half leading 27-14. His last two touchdowns combined for a hundred and forty-one yards in RAC by Scott and Chase Regan. The Kentucky commit finished the game with five touchdowns and well over two hundred passing yards.

“I just pride myself in the off-season no one working harder than me. So I’ve just gotten bigger I mean I’m 210 pounds now so I’m at the weight where I can take the hits and keep going so I don’t really mind them and it honestly makes me better every time” – Saunders on how he get going through those early hits.

“Really just the offensive coordinator and the head coach, it’s the best system for me its going to develop me into the player I want to be” – Saunders on why he chose Kentucky over other schools.

As mentioned, Scott had an absurd day catching the ball. Totaling a hundred forty-three yards on his three touchdowns Scott finished the game pretty happy. Scott committed to Alabama over the off-season surprised some people and thrilled others. Scott had a punt return for a touchdown called back in the third which would’ve given him four touchdowns on the day. Outside of Scott and Saunders, Nazir Jones-Davis added himself to the stat sheet by rushing for a touchdown in the second to give McDevitt their 27-14 lead going into the half. The Crusaders started slow but soon cruised their way to a massive 47-21 win.

“I think I just did my job and helped my team win” – Scott on how he thought about his three touchdown performance

“The things that Coach Saban demands out of his players every day” – Stott on why he choose Alabama over the off-season.

While La Salle lost, running back Stevie Davis stood out from the others. Scoring the first two touchdowns for La Salle, he was fighting the Crusaders himself. A three-yard rushing touchdown and a sixty-five-yard wheel route in La Salles first two drives gave La Salle a 14-6 lead early in the first. While they were not able to produce anything after that, the early third looked like there may be slim hope. A La Salle receiver mossing his defender for a twenty-seven-yard touchdown with 9:47 in the third bringing the score to 27-21 La Salle showed a little hope before it was all lost.


Bishop McDevitt leaves the game still perfect (3-0) while La Salle drops their second game (1-2). McDevitt takes on Palmyra next Thursday at 7 at home looking to continue their perfect season. La Salle looks to bounce back and get to .500 as they take on Haverford School next Thursday, 7 PM and the Northeast Supersite.

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