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York and Adams County Report – Week 2

Written by: on Sunday, September 7th, 2014



Rushing: (200 yds or more)

239 yds – Justin Marion – Waynesboro

Passing: (200 yds or more)

354 yds – Billy Burger- Carlisle
255 yds – Grant Brenneman – Cedar Cliff

Touchdown Passes: (4 or more)

4 – Erik Benjamin – Manheim Township

Receiving: (100 yds or more)

271 yds – Deonte Ramsey – Carlisle
120 yds – Diego Torres – West York
116 yds – Dylan Kreiger – Hanover
103 yds – Scott Cooper- Biglerville
101 yds – Noah Malone – Cedar Cliff

Touchdowns: (4 or more)

4 – Jayden Demmy – Cedar Cliff


Kickoff Returns for Touchdowns:

95 yds – Drew Hartlaub – South Western
95 yds – Keegan Romanoff – New Oxford
92 yds – Drew Hartlaub – South Western

Punt Returns for Touchdowns:

58 yds – Michael Cooper – Northeastern

Field Goals: 30 Yards or More:

44 yds – Carter Luckenbaugh – Central York
34 yds – Andrew Luckenbaugh – Spring Grove
32 yds – Noah Keiter – Big Spring
30 yds – Brandon Hummel- Fairfield

Touchbacks: (3 or more)

3 – Joey Galluci – Cedar Cliff

Punting Average: (40 yds + and 3 punts Minimum)

43.5 yds – Brock Geiman – South Western (4 punts for 174-yds)


Interception Returns for Touchdowns:

20 yds – Mason Flickinger – Fairfield
13yds – Michael Davis III- J. P. McCaskey

Blocked Punts for Touchdowns:

0 yds – Micah Sunholm – Gettysburg

Tackles: (10 or More)

14 – Ben Hurda – Biglerville
12 – Ray Wenger – Susquehannock
11 – Brock Asper – Biglerville
10 – Rulbeing Quiles – Susquehannock
District 3 Notes for York & Adams Counties – Week 2

York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA) Division I action:

The Mustangs of South Western (0-2 overall, 0-0 League) were edged by the Mid-Penn Keystone Division’s Colts of Cedar Cliff (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 30-27. The Mustangs’ sophomore sensation Drew Hartlaub’s two kickoff returns for touchdowns go along with one from last week to give him 3 for the season. The Colts sophomore sensation quarterback Grant Brenneman joined the Pennsylvania Football News Stat Stars of the week with 255-yards passing. The Cedar Cliff Colts rang up 286-yards rushing and 256 yards passing for a total of 541 yards gained. Sophomore quarterback Grant Brenneman completed 16 of 22 passes for the 255-yards and 3 touchdowns, 5 for 101-yards to Noah Malone (including a 40-yard touchdown), 1 for 49-yards to John McGee, 4 for 37-yards to Mike Viti, 1 for 29-yards and a touchdown to Charles Ghiazza, 3 for 20-yards to Jordan Styles (including a 4-yard touchdown), 1 for 10-yards to Ryan Schoppert, and 1 for 9-yards to Cole Whalen, for the Colts. Jayden Demmy led the Colts rushing attack with 27 carries for 160-yards (including 4 touchdowns, for 7, 6, 1, and 10-yards), followed by McGee with 3 for 76-yards (including a 60-yard touchdown), Patrick Duggan with 5 for 31-yards, and Brenneman with 7 carries for 19-yards. Malone kicked 7 extra points and Joey Galluci had 3 kickoffs for touchbacks for the Colts. The Mustangs gained 81-yards rushing and 180-yards passing for a total of 261-yards of offense. Junior quarterback Brock Geiman completed 13 of 17 passes for the 180-yards and 3 touchdowns, 3 for 84-yards to Drew Hartlaub (including a 32-yard touchdown), 4 for 43-yards to Noah Staub (including a 13-yard touchdown), 1 for 15-yards to Zach Hughes, 2 for 14-yards to Miles Francis (including a 9-yard touchdown), 1 for 10-yards to Robby Harbison, 1 for 8-yards to Brady Thayer, and 1 for 6-yards to Bret Hertzog, for the Mustangs. Hartlaub led the Mustangs rushing attack with 5 carries for 62-yards, followed by Harbison with 11 for 46, Miles Francis with 1 carry for 2-yards, Hughes with 5 carries for minus 8-yards, and Geiman with 5 carries for minus 21-yards. Hartlaub returned a kickoff 92-yards for a touchdown and another for 95-yards and a touchdown, Andrew Slater kicked 3 extra points, Matt Helwig blocked an extra point attempt, Hartlaub defended 2 passes, and Luke Baugher caused a fumble, for the Mustangs.

The Wildcats of Dallastown (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) edged the Division II Bulldogs of West York (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 21-20. The Bulldogs attempt for a game winning 2-point conversion failed. Addison Quinones led the Wildcats rushing attack with 74-yards (including touchdowns of 2 and 8-yards), followed by Dez Jones with 35 (including a 2-yard touchdown), Jack Marks with 17-yards, Cade Gold with minus 3-yards, Damoni Weaver with minus 3-yards, and Owen Ritter with minus 13-yards. Quarterback Gold completed 7 of22 passes for 114-yards, 3 for 56-yards to Quinones, 2 for 49-yards to Ritter, and 2 for 9-yards to Jake Jansen, and Jake Garrity completed1 pass for 13-yards to John Middleton, for the Wildcats. Mac Curran threw a 2-point conversion pass to Jansen and kicked 1extra point for the Wildcats. Ross Campbell led the Bulldogs rushing attack with 129-yards, followed by Noah Bowers with 3 (including a 2-yard touchdown), Cadence Thomas with 9, Garrett Stauffer with 7 (including a 1-yard touchdown), Ryan Narber with 7-yards, Evan Keim with 1-yard, and Jamal Anderson with minus 1-yard. Quarterback Campbell completed 9 of 22 passes for 174-yards and 1 touchdown and Cash Gladfelter completed 2 of 3 passes for 23-yards for the Bulldogs. Diego Torres caught 5 passes for 120-yards (including a 74-yard touchdown from Campbell), Ian Lichty caught 2 for 35-yards, Gladfelter caught 3 for 31-yards, and Bowers caught 1 pass for 11-yards, for the Bulldogs. Brett Strickler kicked 2 extra points for the Bulldogs.

The Panthers of Central York (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) were defeated by the Mid-Penn Commonwealth Division’s Eagles of Cumberland Valley (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) 28-17. Timothy Spinelli led the Eagles rushing attack with 105-yards (including touchdowns of 3and2-yards), followed by Joseph Heilel with 40, Nick Rhodes with 35 (including a 13-yard touchdown), Cole Kline with 34, Austin Bush with 27, River Young with 5-yards, and Jacob Hunt with minus 9-yards. Quarterback Hunt completed 4 of 8 passes for 42-yards and 1 touchdown, 1 for 31-yards and a touchdown to Bush, 2 for 8-yards to Rhodes, and 1 for 3-yards to Kline, for the Eagles. Connor Long kicked 4 extra points, Rhodes, Jeff Sams, and Kyle Toohey each intercepted a pass, Shanonn Dolan recorded 1 sack, and Dan Althouse and Brad Hanshaw each recorded a half sack, for the Eagles. Terrance Carter led the Panthers rushing attack with 111-yards (including a 31-yard touchdown), followed by Jeremiah Dadeboe with 19, Pearson Hinkle with 15, Noreaga Goff with 4-yards, and Shannon Valenti with minus1-yard. Quarterback Valenti completed9 of23 passes for 153-yards and 1 touchdown, 1 for 54-yards to Noreaga Goff, 1 for 32-yards to Shyheim Goff, 3 for 28-yardsto Dadeboe, 1 for 14-yards and a touchdown to Brandon Falkenstein, 1 for 9-yards to Robert Romey, 1 for 9-yards to Hinkle, and 1 for 7-yards to Tre’ Ridley, for the Panthers. Carter Luckenbaugh kicked a 44-yard field goal and 2 extra points, Dadeboe intercepted a pass, Lonnie Blount and Mike Oaster each recovered a fumble, and Justin Paneto recorded a sack, for the Panthers.

The Rockets of Spring Grove (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) defeated the Mid-Penn Keystone Division’s Wildcats of Mechanicsburg (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 17-7. Shay Feulmer led the Rockets rushing attack with 112-yards (including touchdowns of 20 and 22-yards), followed by Zack Stauffer with 41, Evan Greer with 19, and Nick Erickson with 11-yards. Quarterback Erickson completed 3 of 7 passes to Logan Hall for 35-yards, and Feulmer completed 1 of2 passes for 47-yards to Anthony Beddia, for the Rockets. Andrew Luckenbaugh kicked a 34-yard field goal and2 extra points, and Brandon Tasker intercepted a pass with 1:30 to go in the game, for the Rockets. Shyheim Brown led the Wildcats rushing attack with 140-yards, followed by Tyler Schubert with minus 39-yards. Quarterback Schubert completed 11 of 23 passes for 108-yards and 1 touchdown, 7 for 46-yards to Jeray Anderson (including a 22-yard touchdown), 1 for 28-yards to Takeno Scales, 2 for 18-yards to Tommy Marlin, and 1 for 16-yards to Brown, for the Wildcats. Matthew Barber kicked1 extra point for the Wildcats.

The Bearcats of William Penn, York High, (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) were defeated by the Lancaster Lebanon League Section 1 Red Tornado of J. P. McCaskey (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 28-21. Randolph Speller led the Red Tornado rushing attack with 55-yards (including a 55-yard touchdown), followed by La’Detrus Sibley with 36 (including a 14-yard touchdown), Pedro Martinez with 21, Michael Luke with 7-yards (including a 6-yard touchdown), Kyaire Bynum with minus 9-yards, Brandon Allen with minus 10-yards, and Michael Davis III with minus 10-yards. Quarterback Sibley completed 11 of17 passes for 118-yards, 3 for 51-yards to Kamaal Gantz, 3 for 28-yards to Bynum, 2 for 15-yards to Randolph Speller, 2 for 15-yards to Allen, and 1 for 10-yards to Isiah Speller, and Davis III completed 1 pass for 8-yards to Martinez, for the Red Tornado. Davis III returned an interception 13-yards for a touchdown and Max Chalfont kicked 4 extra points for the Red Tornado. James Way III led the Bearcats rushing attack with 106-yards, followed by Bryshon Sweeney with 71 (including an 11-yard touchdown), and Zack Ingram with 16-yards. Quarterback Way III completed 12 of 22 passes for 168-yards and 2touchdowns, 5 for 92-yards to Sweeney (including a 14-yard touchdown), 2 for 34-yards to Nate Delmotte, 1 for 16-yards to Edgar Centeno, 4 for 15-yards to Sae’quan Whitaker, and 2 for 11-yards to Danny Acevedo (including a 5-yard touchdown), for the Bearcats. Nykam Beverly recorded a safety with a tackle in the end zone and Ethan Fogleman kicked 1 extra point for the Bearcats.

The Lions of Red Lion (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) were defeated by the Lancaster Lebanon League Section 1 Blue Streaks of Manheim Township (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 47-6. Gorden Van led the Blue Streaks rushing attack with 69-yards, followed by Cartier Morton with 40 (including a 4-yard touchdown), Jacob Zug with 28, Erik Benjamin with 7, Tucker Evans with 6 (including a 4-yard touchdown), Kade Kubicki with 5-yards, and Isaiah Vazquez with 1-yard (including a 1-yard touchdown). Quarterback Benjamin completed 8 of 9passes for 95-yards and 4 touchdowns, 2 for 46-yards to John Stutz (for touchdowns of 26 and 20-yards), 3 for 24-yards to Fisayo Oluleye (including a 7-yard touchdown), 2 for 20-yards to Isaac Vasquez (including a 15-yard touchdown), and 1 for 5-yards to Davis Carr, for the Blue Streaks. Daniel Zeswitz kicked 5 extra points, Rozario Gerard, Allen McCloud, and Isiah Vazquez each recorded a fumble, and Evans recorded a sack for the Blue Devils. Kenny Holloway led the Lions rushing attack with 38-yards, followed by Alex Keough with 20, Josh Donaldson with 9, Dan Waldrup with 7-yards, Patrick Daugherty with no yards, Sam Emig with minus 9-yards, Antwan Jackson with minus 20-yards, and Dalton Grove with minus 22-yards. Quarterback Grove completed 7 of 19 passes for 42-yards and 1 touchdown, 3 for 17-yards to Derek Ross, 1 for 16-yards to James Jackson, 1 for 7-yards and a touchdown to Kendrick Boyd-Gillespie, 1 for 4-yards to Christian Castle, and 1 for minus 2-yards to Keough, for the Lions.

The Bobcats of Northeastern (2-0 overall, 0-0 League) shut out the Division II Trojans of York Suburban (0-2 overall, 0-0 League) 44-0. Chris Whack led the Bobcats rushing attack with 86-yards (including 1 touchdown), followed by Kody Reeser with 77 (including 2 touchdowns), Taemar Willis with 48, David Ankney with 17 (including 1 touchdown), Houston Hoffman with 10-yards, Michael Cooper with minus 1-yard, and Blake Einsig with minus 1-yard. Quarterback Einsig completed 6 of 6 passes for 98-yards and 1 touchdown, 3 for 34-yards to Jordan Zirkle, 1 for 33-yards and a touchdown to Ankney, and 2 for 31-yards to Willis, for the Bobcats. Michael Cooper returned a punt 58-yards for a touchdown, Tate Lau recovered a fumble, and a safety was recorded, for the Bobcats. No other information was available about this game.

York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA) Division II action:

The Warriors of Gettysburg (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) defeated the Division I Colonials of New Oxford (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 42-6 in the inauguration of their spanking new stadium. Wade Laudeman led the Warriors rushing attack with 72-yards, followed by Lane Sherman with 58 (including a 3-yard touchdown), Elijah Jackson with 34 (including a 14-yard touchdown), Nate Sharrah with 31, Jake Myers with 22 (including a 1-yard touchdown), Khalil Hill with 12, Mitch Hoffman with 12, Tyler Lampe with 11, Oakley Marsh with 7, Dalton Lyons with 4-yards, and Chase Deckert with no yards. Quarterback Myers completed 4 of 5 passes for 84-yards and 2 touchdowns, 1 for 48-yards and a touchdown to Lampe, 1 for 21-yards and a touchdown to Kobe Wansel, 1 for 8-yards to Michael Ingalsbe, and 1 for 7-yrds to Jordan Turner, for the Warriors. Micah Sunholm recovered a blocked punt in the end zone for a touchdown, Myers threw a 2-point conversion pass to Sherman, and Michael Heeschen kicked 4 extra points, for the Warriors. Hunter Ringrose led the Colonials rushing attack with 68-yards, followed by Daulton Snyder with 22, Elijah Myers with 14, Kevin Moser with 11, Brandon Scott with 6-yrds, Trevon Brown with 1-yard, Keegan Romanoff with 1-yard, Kyle West with no yards, Jodh Shultz with minus 4-yards, and Corban Czap with minus 6-yards. Quarterback Czap completed 1 of 4 passes for 5-yards to Jordan Gardner for the Colonials. Romanoff returned a kickoff 95-ysrds for the Colonials.

The Eagles of Dover (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) were edged by the Mid-Penn Colonial Division’s Bulldogs of Big Spring (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) 10-9. Triston Cooper led the Bulldogs rushing attack with 96-yards, followed by Triston Robb with 78 (including a 1-yard touchdown), Matt Coyle with 11-yards, Austin Jumper with 1-yard, Brock Jumper with minus 1-yard, and Nick Black with minus 64-yards. Quarterback Black completed 6 of11 passes for 103-yards, 2 for 53-yards to Cooper, 3 for 31-yards to Coyle, and 1 for 20-yards to Damien Porter, for the Bulldogs. Noah Keiter kicked a 32-yard field goal and1 extra point for the Bulldogs. Durran Ledbetter led the Eagles rushing attack with 72-yards, followed by Kenyon Hoopes with 24, Joey Zutell with 23, John Sterner with 9, Tyrel Jones with 5-yards, Shane Orchard with minus 1-yard, and Tyler Blazosky with minus 9-yards. Quarterback Hoopes completed 4 of 15 passes for 85-yards and 1 touchdown, 1 for 39-yards and a touchdown to Orchard, 2 for 28-yards to Zutell, and 1 for 18-yards to Kyle McCaulsky, for the Eagles. Josh Bradley kicked a 23-yard field goal for the Eagles.

The Golden Knights of Eastern York (2-0 overall, 0-0 League) defeated the Division III Spartans of York County Tech (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 26-8. The game was suspended at the half, tied at 8, Friday night due to lightning and the second half was played Monday night. The Golden Knights won the second half 18-0 Monday night. Lucas Barshinger led the Golden Knights rushing attack with 93 (including touchdowns of 4, 71, and 3-yards), followed by David Livelsberger with 70, Jake Kessler with 63, Conrad Rhein with 27, Keegan Corwell with 4-yards, and Damian McKinsey with minus 3-yards. Quarterback Rhein completed 2 of 5 passes for 32-yards, 1 for 26-yards to Kessler and 1 for 6-yards to Dylen Bitonti, for the Golden Knights. McKinsey kicked a 20-yard field goal and 1 extra point, Conrad threw a 2-point conversion pass to Kessler, and Barshinger ran in for a 2-point conversion, for the Golden Knights. Damarius Wiggins led the Spartans rushing attack with 138-yards (including a 78-yard touchdown), followed by Jibri Bones with 53, Kahleik Savery with 34, Maurice James with 2, David Porter with 2-yards, and Nashid Bones with minus 5-yards. Quarterback Wiggins attempted 5 passes but failed to complete any. James ran in for a 2-point conversion for the Spartans.

York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA) Division III action:

The Fighting Irish of York Catholic (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) shut out the Division II Warriors of Susquehannock (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 36-0. Hakeem Kinard led the Fighting Irish rushing attack with 164-yards, followed by Gregory Bennett with 80 (including a 38-yard touchdown), Jack Burnside with 50 (including a 29-yard touchdown), Jakkar Kinard with a 43-yard touchdown run, Ulysses Smith with 21, Tom Lamont with 4, and Daniel Yokemick with 3-yards. Quarterback Hakeem Kinard completed 8 of 21 passes for 120-yards and 2 touchdowns, 2 for 53-yards to Luke Brennan (including a 39-yard touchdown), 2 for 46-yards to Joseph Bauhof (including a 36-yard touchdown), 1 for 8-yards to Bennett, 1 for 6-yards to Yokemick, 1for 5-yardsto Scott Bartkowiak, and 1 for 2-yards to Qua’Shawn Grooms, for the Fighting Irish. Andrew Poison kicked 4 extra points, Grooms ran in for a 2-point conversion, and Hakeem Kinard intercepted a pass, for the Fighting Irish. Myles Moultrie led the Warriors rushing attack with 30-yards, followed by Collin Riley with 26, Mason Wood with 5, Kerry Baum with 2-yards, Ray Wenger with no yards, and Collin Kelly with minus 13-yards. Quarterback Stoneberg completed 8 of 26 passes for 45-yards and quarterback Chase Summers completed 2 of 5 passes for 14-yards for the Warriors. Tyler Buckley caught 3 passes for 19-yards, Nick Tannura caught 3 for 18-yards, Aidan Kirkendall caught 2 for 14-yards, and Riley caught 1 pass for 5-yards, for the Warriors. Zach Leonard recorded a sack for the Warriors.

The Nighthawks of Hanover (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) defeated the Division II Rams of Kennard-Dale (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 35-7. Jordan Laughman led the Nighthawks rushing attack with 101-yards (including touchdowns of 14 and 1-yards), followed by Nick Seymour with 30, Wendell Oliveras with 4 (including a 4-yard touchdown), Devon Bell with 2-yards, Colten Ehrhart with minus 3-yards, and Kyle Krout with minus 10-yards. Quarterback Krout completed 17 of 26 passes for 182-yards and 2 touchdowns, 7 for 116-yards to Dylan Krieger, 8 for 58-yards to Ehrhart (including touchdowns of 5 and 6-yards), and 2 for 8-yrds to Resean Williams, for the Nighthawks. Krieger kicked 2 extra points and Cole Gebhart kicked 1 extra point for the Nighthawks, who also had a passing 2-point conversion. Chase Carlile led the Rams rushing attack with 25-yards, followed by Josh Eaton with 19-yards, Kendall Wales with 1-yard, Jacob Deppen with minus 2-yards, and Daniel Brewer with minus 86-yards (including a 3-yaed touchdown), as the Rams ended the game with a minus 43-yrds rushing. Quarterback Brewer completed 11 of 24 passes for127-yards, 3 for 54-yards to Kyle Woolridge, 3 for 29-yards to Camren Ohler, 1 for 25-yards to Nicholas Workinger, 1 for 24-yards to Austin Jenkins, 1for 10-yards to Eaton, 1 for minus 3-yards to Carlile, and 1 for minus 12-yards to Wales, for the Rams. Jenkins kicked 1extra point for the Rams.

The Thunderbolts of Littlestown (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) and the Mid-Penn Colonial Division’s Blue Devils of Greencastle-Antrim (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) 49-14. James Hines led the Blue Devils rushing attack with 92-yards (including touchdowns of 5 and 3-yards), followed by Andrew Votral with 61 (including a 1-yard touchdown), Jacob Shupp with a 54-yard touchdown run, Luke Robertson with 43, Caleb Schaeffer with 21, Derek Measell with 20, Sam Sprague with 14 (including a 9-yard touchdown), and Burns with 7-yards. Quarterback Spencer Meyers completed 4 of 8 passes for 56-yards and 2 touchdowns, 2 for 30-yards to Brae Peck (including a 7-yard touchdown), 1 for 14-yards and a touchdown to Measell, and 1 for 12-yards to Votral, for the Blue Devils. Kurt Hansen kicked 7 extra points and Peck recovered a fumble for the Blue Devils. Wesley Storey led the Thunderbolts rushing attack with 20-yards, followed by Jarrett Brittain with 13, Dylan Sizemore with 11, Dylan Morley with 10, Lucas Reynolds with 9-yards (including a 3-yard touchdown), Jose Ariza with 1-yard, and Cody Boyd with minus 10-yards. Quarterback Boyd completed 6 of 15 passes for 89-yards and 1 touchdown, quarterback Jarrett Brittain completed 1 of 6 passes for 7-yards before leaving the game with an injury, and Tanner Noble completed 1 pass for 5-yards, for the Thunderbolts. Reynolds caught 3 passes for 67-yards (including a 47-yrd touchdown from Boyd), Bandon Pittinger caught 1 pass for 15-yards, Story caught 1 pass for 7-yards, Dalton Brittain caught 1 pass for 6-yards, and Noble caught 1 pass for 5-yards, for the Thunderbolts. Jackson Hornbrook kicked 2 extra points for the Thunderbolts.

The Eagles of Bermudian Springs, (1-0 overall, 1-0 league) defeated the Mid-Penn Capital Division’s Bubblers of Boiling Springs (0-2 overall, 1-0 league) 36-6. Briton Shelton led the Eagles rushing attack with 121-yards (including touchdowns of 8 and 3-yards), followed by Colton Dull with 120 (including a 27-yard touchdown), Phoenix Russell with 33, Quinton King with 27, Ethan Frank with 26 (including a 1-yard touchdown), and Ryan Merkle with 3-yards. Quarterback Merkle completed 3of 6 passes for 78-yardsand 1 touchdown, 2 for 57-yards to Derek Starner (including a 45-yard touchdown) and 1 to Shelton for 21-yards, for the Eagles. Connor Zahm kicked 4 extra points, Collin Weigle threw a 2-point conversion pass to Wyatt Gearhart, and Dustin Lawver recovered a fumble, for the Eagles. Bryan Malone led the Bubblers rushing attack with 26-yards, followed by Dylan Romig with 22, Dalton Showaker with 22, Adam Morrow with 6, Chase Edwards with 3-yards, and Nate Gouhin with 1-yard. Quarterback Showaker completed 4 of10 passes for 53-yards, 3 for 33-yards to Tyler Kaufman (including a 10-yard touchdown), 1for 10-yards to Edwards, and 1 for 10-yards to Tristan Enck, for the Bubblers.

The Canners of Biglerville (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) topped the Mid-Penn Colonial Division’s Indians of Waynesboro (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 34-28. Colton Sentz led the Canners rushing attack with 166-yards (including touchdowns of 88 and 10-yards), followed by Scott Cooper with 56 (including a 47-ysrd touchdown), Sam Laird with 34, Nate Newberry with 9-yards, Dayne Showers with minus 2-yards, and Ben Hurda with minus 9-yards. Quarterback Hurda completed 6 of 9 passes for 136-yards and 1 touchdown, 3 for 103-yards to Cooper (including a 62-yard touchdown), 2 for 29-yards to Nick Bell, and 1 for 4-yards to Jorden Trostel, for the Canners. Trostel kicked 4 extra points, Cooper intercepted a pass and returned it 4-yards, Laird recovered a fumble, and Sentz recorded a sack, for the Canners. Justin Marion led the Indians rushing attack with 239-yards (including an 8-yard touchdown), followed by Aiden Smith with 102 (including a 7-yard touchdown), Connor Fetterhoff with 60 (including touchdowns of 1 and 4-yards), and Nathan Pueffer with 7-yards. Quarterback Fetterhoff completed 14 of 21 passes for 132-yards, 4 for 37-yards to Marion, 3 for 34-yards to Smith, 3 for 24-yards to Charlie Patterson, 1 for 14-yards to Ben Gsell, 2 for 12-yards to Pueffer, and 1 for 11-yards to Matt Peck, for the Indians. Marion and Smith each ran in for a 2-point conversion, Nick Wade blocked a field goal attempt, and Trevor Biller and Bradley Lark each recorded a sack, for the Indians.

The Squires of Delone Catholic (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) defeated the Lancaster Lebanon League Section 3 Crimson Tide of Columbia (0-2 overall, 0-0 league) 48-7. Jake Kadis led the Squires rushing attack with 103-yards (including touchdowns of 57 and 5-yards), followed by Alex Little with 58, Sean Sneeringer with 49 (including a 4-yard touchdown), Logan Panzer with 29 (including a 23-yard touchdown), Lucas Shull with 25 (including a 6-yard touchdown), Tyler Laucks with 10, Zachary Hart with 3, Alec Maitland with 2-yards, Jake Wiles with a 1-yard touchdown run, Ryan Malinowski with minus 3-yards, and Brian Shermeyer with minus 5-yards. Quarterback Shermeyer completed 5 of 10 passes for 105-yards and 1 touchdown, 1 for 42-yards and a touchdown to Justin Gobrecht, 2 for 41-yards to Larry Lefler, and 2 for 22-yards to Brandon Zumbrum, for the Squires. Jay Strickland kicked 6 extra points, Kadis intercepted a pass, and Alex Little, Gobrecht, and Derek Smith each recorded a sack, for the Squires. Dominic Sierra led the Crimson Tide rushing attack with 28-yards, followed by Justin Price with 10, Anthony Rodriguez with 10-yards, Austin Roberts with no yards, Etnan Millhouse with minus 1-yard, and Kyle Warfel with minus 10-yards. Quarterback Warfel completed 9 of 22 passes for 97-yards and 1 touchdown and Sierra completed 2 of 2 passes for 12-yards, for the Crimson Tide. Roberts caught 5 passes for 42-yards, Daeshawn McIlwain caught 1 pass for 35-yards, Austin Hartman caught 3 for 19-yards (including a 5-yard touchdown from Warfel), Tyler Harman caught 1 for 7-yards, and Hunter Goldsborough caught 1 pass for 6-yards, for the Crimson Tide. Andrew Pastino kicked 1 extra point for the Crimson Tide.

The Knights of Fairfield (1-1 overall, 1-0 league) defeated the Mid-Penn Colonial Division’s Rockets of James Buchanan (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 16-12. Mason Flickinger led the Knights rushing attack with 82-yards (including a 2-yard touchdown), followed by Matt Petrie with 61, Tyler Karsteter with 5-yards, Michael Quealy with no yards, and Darian Mort with minus 5-yards. Quarterback Flickinger completed 7 of 14 passes for 41-yards, 2 for 11-yards to Antijuan Washington, 2 for 10-yards to Alexander Stone, 1 for 10-yards to Alex Irwin, 1 for 8-yards to Chris Kletz, and 1 for no yards to Brandon Hummel, for the Knights. Flickinger intercepted a pass and returned it 20-yards for a touchdown, Hummel kicked a 30-yard field goal and 1 extra point, and Irwin intercepted a pass, for the Knights. Dillon Sanders led the Rockets rushing attack with 68-yards (including a 23-yard touchdown), followed by Pates with 36, Seth Carbaugh with 23, Blake Egolf with 15, and Bayley Heckman with 3-yards. Quarterback Sanders completed 9 of 17 passes for 172-yards and 1 touchdown, 4 for 95-yards to Peter Hughey (including a 53-yard touchdown), 4 for 64-yards to Pates, and 1 for10-yards to Brandon Hann, for the Rockets.

Mid-Penn Conference action

The Mid-Penn Colonial Division’s Polar Bears of Northern York (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) were defeated by the Mid-Penn Capital Division’s Blue Raiders of Middletown (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 18-9. Caleb Leggore led the Blue Raiders rushing attack with 136-yards (including an 84-yard touchdown), followed by Justin Shaver with 89 (including a 76-yard touchdown), Jaelen Thompson with 68-yards (including a 6-yard touchdown), Kurt Day with no yards, and Nathan Ocker with minus 6-yards. Quarterback Ocker completed 3 of 4 passes for 32-yards to Leggore for the Blue Raiders. Robert Shelly scored a touchdown on a 2-yard run and Aiden Alves kicked an extra point for the Polar Bears. The Polar Bears also recorded a safety when a Blue Raiders snap went out of the end zone. No other information about this game was available.

The Mid-Penn Keystone Division’s Patriots of Red Land (2-0 overall, 0-0 league) edged the Mid-Penn Commonwealth Division’s Thundering Herd of Carlisle (1-1 overall, 0-0 league) 19-18 on the strength of the only successful extra point attempt of the night. Phil Overton led the Patriots rushing attack with 87-yards (including a 4-yard touchdown), followed by Garrett Scott with 26, Justin Johnson with 18, Hunter Briner with 13, and Kyle Campbell with 8-yards. Quarterback Scott completed 15 of 26 passes for 197-yards and 2 touchdowns, 7 for 88-yards to Briner, 3 for 53-yards to Overton (including a 26-yard touchdown), 2 for 26-yards Tyler Hodges (including an 18-yard touchdown), 2 for 20-yards to Kyle Mowrey, and 1 for 10-yards to Chris Bigger, for the Patriots. Jeremy Fisher kicked the game winning extra point for the Patriots. Tyler Greene led the Thundering Herd rushing attack with 50-yards (including a 7-yard touchdown), followed by Deshawn Millington with 41, Billy Burger with 38, Jacob Clegg with 10-yards, and Glenn Jackson with 4-yards. Quarterback Burger completed 18 of 32 passes for 354-yards and 2 touchdowns, 9 for 271-yards to Deonte Ramsey (including touchdowns of 77 and 78-yards), 3 for 49-yards to Zion Patterson, 2 for 18-yards to Jackson, 2 for 8-yards to Greene, and 2 for 8-yards to Millington, for the Thundering Herd. Timmy Roesler recovered a fumble and recorded 2 sacks and Chuckie Nist recorded a sack for the Thundering Herd.

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