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York High Routs Northeastern

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| September 17, 2022


In this game Northeastern was over matched from the beginning to end of the game. They showed great heart not giving up and continued fighting. They earned the respect of this reporter as well as their fans.  York High started out strong and didn’t look back on their way to a convincing 54-9 win, the first York high game that didn’t go down to the wire this year.

On their first possession they jumped the field in 4 plays. Starting at their own twenty-seven yard-line. Jaheim White ran the first two plays for 24-yards, then Sam Stoner hit James McBride for 38 yards to the Northeastern 15-yard line. One play later Jaheim White scampered 15 yards for the fist score of the game, 10:34 1st quarter.

Northeastern’s first possession went nowhere with a three and out. York High flexed their muscles with Sam Stoner passing to James McBride for 60 yards, Jaheim White finished it off going 28-yard  for the touchdown at 7:51 of the 1st quarter making it a 14-0 score.

On the Bobcats third possession from their own 35-yard line, Malachi Jobarteh made an impressive  run to York High’s 21-yardline, but the possession stalled and and Ryan Malley hit a 36 yard field goal with 3:05 left in the 1st quarter. York High. This is where Northeastern ran out of gas and doesn’t score or make any serious drives.

York High’s next possession started at their own 39 yard-line and on the first play Same Stoner hit Quentin Price for a 51-yard gain to Northeastern’s 10 yard-line. Jaheim White scored from 10 yards out to cap the drive.

York high went to work once more following a Northeastern three and out.  Starting at their 42-yardline, Jaheim White made several cutbacks and used his speed to get to the Bobcat 37-yard line. Sam Stoner connected with James McBride for 21-yards to the 16-yardline, Jaheim White capped the drive off with a 16-yard run.  Same story same results for Northeastern on thier next possession.

Starting on their own 35-yardline York High takes Northeastern to school, Sam Stoner throws three incompletions, then on his fourth pass goes deep, 48-yards to Northeastern’s 14-yardline, Jaheim White, on two rushes scores once again, 3:59 2nd.

Northeastern received the second half kickoff at their 20-yardline. With the mercy rule is in effect,  Malachi Jobarteh grabbed his lunch pail and put his team on his back, 9 rushes for 76-yards, There was a pass in that series Sam Stoner threw for 9 yards, TD 5:16 4th quarter.

Northeastern                  York High

FG                                   8 TD’s


Unofficial Stats

Northeastern                    York High

Rushing  34/273                Rushing  17/190

Passing  21/46                    Passing   22/334

Total      319                        Total         524

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