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2nd Annual Lady Wildcats Powder Puff Turkey Bowl! Juniors Rule!

Written by: on Sunday, November 20th, 2022


2nd Annual Lady Wildcats Powder Puff Turkey Bowl

I made my first trip to Memorial Field in Homer City this year and it wasn’t to cover the awesome boy’s football program. The Wildcats struggled with injuries all year and were knocked out in the opening round of the District Vi playoffs. I usually do four or five of their games and they are usually hosting playoff games. This year was a off year. Homer-Center is one of the smallest schools around but they always seem to have the best sports teams and great fan support. Today I went to watch the Lady Wildcats play some football. Coach Greg Page should have been there because some of these ladies can play. It was a beautiful day for football and the games were very entertaining. I really enjoyed it.

All powder puff games use their own rules.

Wildcat Rules

-40 yard field – first down at the 20 yard line

-Any ball touching the ground, ends the play (so you can’t lose a fumble)

-touchdowns are worth 6 points, no extra points

-5 on 5 flag football

-each grade has a team Sophomores vs Freshmen & Juniors vs Seniors winners play for championship

-rest of the rules are pretty much the same as regular football

Game#1 Two 25 Minute Halves

Freshmen (Red shirts) 24-24=48

Sophomores (Purple)  18-12= 30

-The Freshmen had the biggest roster with 10 girls.

-The Sophomore had the second largest with 9 girls.

-The Freshmen go the length of the field when Josh Bence hits Abby Harper on long pass and she raced by a stunned defense for the game’s first touchdown. (6-0)

-Melanie George the Sophomores quarterback led them right down the field and than ran it in to tie the game (6-6)

-Bence the Freshmens quarterback led her team right down the field and than ran it in to give her team the lead (12-6)

-The Sophomores score quickly as Gigi Palmer shows her speed racing the length of the field to tie it again (12-12)

-The Freshmen regain the lead as Harper scores her second, this one a rushing touchdown (18-12)

-The Sophomores continue to show their deep roster as Hannah Arone races the length of the field (18-18)

-Freshmen Kylee Krejocic shows her brother Michael she can do anything he can with a pick six right before the half (24-18)


-The Freshmen start to take control as Bence makes her second long touchdown run (30-18)

-Freshmen Rebekah Marshall would run one in for six. (36-18)

-The Freshmen appear to get a safety but the rules say offense retains ball on their own one. On the next play George goes deep to Arone for six. (36-24)

-The games first punt is something I have never seen Freshmen Morgan Nagy punts it backwards over her head, a negative 10 yard punt.

-Sophomore George takes advance to score again. (36-30)

-Freshmen Bence gets her third long touchdown run (42-30)

-The games second punt was interesting also. Freshmen Phoebe Compton made a great catch of the punt but as the Sophomores came running at her, she threw the ball backwards in fear? Freshmen Harper would score again to finish the scoring (48-30)

-The first game featured a lot of running plays and very little defensive pressure.

Final Freshmen 48 Sophomore 30

Game #2 25 Minute 1st 18 Minute 2nd

Juniors (Yellow shirts)           24-30=54

Senior(Orange plus Purple)  18-18=36

-The defending champion Sophomores now Juniors had only seven players but a few professional volleyball ringers (Alaina Fabin, Ashlyn Kerr and Meegan Williams)

-The Senior had one player Julia King, she is good but only one player so Sophomores played with her.

-Gigi Palmer hits Julia King for a touchdown on the Senior opening drive (0-6)

-The Juniors run a rugby play on their first snap. They pass the ball backwards multiple times for a big play. Alaina Fabin finishes the drive with a touchdown to tie it. One of the Homer-Center McCracken boys, a rugby player for the Indiana County state champions was sited on the sidelines. (6-6)

-The Senior score seconds later as the Juniors on standing on the sidelines listening to their coach, Palmer runs the length of the field with no defenders on the field. (6-12)

-Hannah Arone intercepts a Juniors pass and Melanie George pass to Palmer for a touchdown on the next play. Upset Alert (6-18)

-Fabin and Meegan Williams now take over for the Juniors who remain cool under pressure. Fabin starts to run than rugby passes it to Williams who runs the length of the field. (12-18)

-Williams than makes a spectacular interception and returns it for a pick six to tie the game. (18-18)

-Fabin scores her second touchdown of the game. She’s a showman and struts her stuff. (24-18)

-The clock turned off at 2:57. The Juniors ran three plays before Fabian’s touchdown. Clock comes back on still 2:57.


-Game clock set at 18 minutes, no one seems to notice.

-Williams continues to dominate. She runs the length of the field. (30-18)

-Williams another pick six, just a normal one this time. (36-18)

-The Senior finally answers catching a touchdown from George. (36-24)

-Williams throw one this time a long touchdown to Ashlyn Kerr. (42-24)

-The Senior turn the ball over on downs? I like the Juniors thought it was only third down. However George comes up with a pick six. (42-30)

-Fabin literally dances the length of the field. (48-30)

-On fourth down George hits Arone for a first down. Hannah stops after getting the first down. She than realizes no one grab her flag and races for a touchdown. (48-36)

-Kerr than hit Fabin for a 40 yard dancing touchdown. (54-36)

-On fourth and 1 the Senior go for it. As Fabin comes free on quarterback George, Melanie yells “hold on, hold on! “ Fabin stops which allows George to get pass off…. It falls incomplete.

Final Juniors 54 Senior 36

Williams is a star and Fabin an entertainer.

King represents the Seniors well.


The announcer says halves will be 10 minutes, Juniors argue for 20 minutes, official decides on 15 minutes.

Freshmen (Red) 06-06=12

Juniors (Yellow)  18-18=36

-The Freshmen won the opener by running the ball, the Sophomores allowed them to do it by not crowding the line of scrimmage. In the Championship Kerr and Fabin blitzed at will and it was over early.

-On third and long Freshmen Joss Bence breaks a length of the field run for a surprise early lead. (6-0)

-Fabin runs for first down stops than decides to go all the way. (6-6)

-The Juniors decide to clamp down on the Freshmen and it is game over. The Freshmen will not score again until the final seconds.

-“Watch Fabin” is the call by the Freshmen coach. Seconds later Grace Frazier throws a touchdown to ….Fabin. (6-12)

-Fabin fields a punt and than laterals to Williams who goes all the way. (6-18)

-Abby Harper makes a big run but is stopped on four straight runs by either Kerr or Fabin as the half ends.


-Williams takes a straight handoff, no multiple or fake handoffs and runs straight down the middle of the field dodging every Freshmen. (6-24)

-Freshman continue to try and run it. Than they make the mistake of passing it. Pick six by Fabin. (6-30)

-The Juniors start playing a prevent defense. Remember this is a 5 on 5. Fabin has another pick six. (6-36)

-“Let them score!” Is being yelled by the Junior coaching staff. They want the ball back so they can try and get a touchdown for someone not named Williams or Fabin. Rebekah Marshall takes advantage and scores. (12-36)

Final Juniors 36 Freshmen 12

All the girls seem to have a great time.

Some of the girls were very impressive.

They were very entertaining.

There was a basket auction and food.

The boys helped out.

The Indiana Woman’s Flag Football League assisted with the game.

The Lady Wildcat Athletic Association really supports their girls.


Isabella Arone

Joss Bence

Phoebe Compton

Abby Harper

Kylee Krejocic

Rebekah Marshall

Morgan Nagy

Emma Lee Rouser

Peyton Tanner

Natalia Thomas


Hannah Arone

Jennie a Black

Ella Cook

Leanne Cooper

Melanie George

Ava King

Olivia Lear

Taryne Newhouse

Gigi Palmer


Alaina Fabin

Maeayla Fairbanks

Grace Frazer

Ashlyn Kerr

Clara Richards

Alivia Stambolia

Meegan Williams


Julia King

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