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2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to Know Seton LaSalle HS OL/DL Geary Smith

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| July 22, 2023

Geary Smith

Seton LaSalle HS

Height/Weight: 6-3 265

Position: OG/OT/DT

Jersey # 73

Other Sports: Basketball & Boxing

Twitter: @GearySmith73

Seton LaSalle HS Head Coach Tim Storino describes Geary as “a big 6-3 270 OL who is coming off a back injury as a sophomore that lingered into and through his junior season. He has had a great offseason and is highly motivated. He will be an all-conference performer this upcoming season as a senior and will make a Division 2 team happy some day”.


Why do you play football?

I play because I love the game and the atmosphere.

What is your GPA?

This year it was a 2.95

What schools have offered and or expressed interest in you?

California University of PA, Clarion, Duquesne and Delaware have all shown interest.

What do you intend to major in when enrolled in college?


Favorite class?


Favorite all-time athlete & why?

Lebron James because he’s the greatest basketball player to ever see the earth and he’s my favorite because me and my brother watched almost every game together when I was a little kid.

Favorite HS moment thus far?

My homecoming game during my sophomore year just the atmosphere was great.

How was the 2022 season for you?

It was rough having another new coach, not many seniors but this year we are going to shock some teams with us having a lot of great talent returning.

2023 individual & team goals?

To make a playoff run & I want to be an all state and all conference offensive lineman.

All-time favorite football game to watch & why?

I’d say the Steelers when they hosted the New England Patriots and Jesse James scored the TD to win the game and they called it back. Just being in that environment with thousands of people was great.

Favorite meal?

A steak with some mash potatoes

Favorite play to run & why?

Definitely a power play when you get to just destroy the defensive line.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I am very active so most of my hobbies are sports related but I’m a big video game player.

Biggest fear?

Spiders, I hate spiders.

Most influential person in your life & why?

I’d say my mom because she’s a cancer survivor & my dad because he’s trained me since I was 3 years old.

Pre-Game music?

G Herbo that’s all I listen to.

Favorite teammate?

I wouldn’t be able to just pick one teammate, me and all of my teammates are brothers .

Did you play little league football & if so for what organization?

Yes I did, I played for the South Hill Chargers.

What should people know about Seton LaSalle HS the school, players & coaches?

I think people should know that we have a lot of great coaches, players & environment and that we love to work.

If you could meet anyone famous dead or alive who would it be and why?

Lebron James because he’s been my favorite player since I was born, he shows no matter where you come from and how hard it is you can do it.

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