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October 20-26 2021 Scoreboard

Penn-Trafford Athlete Cade Yacamelli makes his choice, will become a Badger. @cyacamelli @ptwarriorfb @BadgerFootball @nolanrucci

Written by: on Monday, June 21st, 2021



Penn-Trafford athlete Cade Yacamelli knew right away he wanted to be a Badger, from the moment he stepped on campus.  “I have said it right from the beginning of my recruitment. I’m not going to drag it out like a lot of these recruits do just to create hype around themselves. I felt that way as soon as I got to Madison to that’s where I’m taking myself. Great place, great coaches, great program, successful every year, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited about choosing the Badgers!” said Cade of his choice.

Cade made his official announcement on twitter on Monday:

It didn’t come as a surprise to him to be offered by Wisconsin, but it was an exciting moment for the incoming senior. “I’ve been in contact with them in June of last year on twitter, and I’ve pretty much been in contact with them ever since. They would text me a couple times during the season. Then I told them I wanted to go to camp, and when I got there and they offered me I was like, wow, that was a crazy moment!.

Cade says coach Chris Haering was probably his biggest influence there. Haering told him that at Wisconsin it’s all about the people. “After my visit I realized he couldn’t be more right. The coaches, the staff, trainers, players, everybody at Madison just made themselves out to be the people you want to surround yourself with. Just, talking to everyone out there, I kinda felt like I was still in Pittsburgh. They all made me feel at home there.”

Yacamelli doesn’t know where they’re going to put him yet, they’re interested in the talented player at several positions. “They talked about putting me at running back, DB, receiver and even one coach side I might play some linebacker.”

Cade’s parents played a factor in his choice, but they didn’t choose for him. “My dad told me he’s not gonna tell me where I should go but he said he WILL tell me where I’m not going to go” Cade said with a laugh. “But they were pretty much for Madison and they said I had to have that “gut feeling”. I pretty much had it the whole time, and I couldn’t be happier.” Cade says his father was also his biggest influence in his football career. “My dad, I just always looked up to him all my life so I was happy to make this choice for him too.”

There was another small, well, maybe large influence. Warwick tight end Hayden Rucci was Caden’s host for the visit. Hayden’s brother Nolan recently committed to the Badgers. “Yeah, it was kinda nice to have a common ground with someone. He was taking me around the campus, showing me everything. He’s a great guy, very tough. I can tell just by hanging out with him.”

Cade isn’t sure if he’s going to early enroll. He’s still trying to figure out what he’d like to major in.  “I have a while to figure this out yet, but right now I’m just so relieved I can now focus on my senior year.”

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