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PFN Player Preview: Colby Kuhns, Beth Center

Written by: on Sunday, June 28th, 2020


Colby Kuhns
Beth Center
Class of 2022
Position(s): QB
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 149
Twitter: @colby_kuhns

Why did you choose football?

I’ve been around football my entire life, ever since I was a baby. 

What is your favorite football memory?

Playing against Imani Christian in my freshman year and proving on the field that I have what it takes to play football. 

What activities do you enjoy outside of football?

Lifting, Video games, fishing, and hanging out with my friends. 

What non-football accomplishment are you most proud of?

Keeping my GPA at a 3.7. 

Who is your favorite athletes and why?

For football I’d say Russell Wilson because he’s a shorter quarterback and he’s one of the best in the league. For basketball, my favorite player has always been Steve Nash because he’s a short point guard that has the same playing style as me. 

What has been the most difficult part of offseason training during the pandemic?

Getting with the team and working on plays. 

Who is your biggest role models?

Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray

What are your parents most likely to yell from the stands?

“Throw the Ball!”

How has football developed you as a person?

I’d say it has shown me to be respectful, it has taught me integrity, and to listen to what my mentors say.


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