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Team Effort leads California to 27-6 upset win over Carmichaels

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| October 15, 2022



Four different players contributed touchdowns in the 27-6 victory over Carmichaels.

“Our coach told us this was going to be a game in the trenches,” junior quarterback Jake Layhue said. “And we won, hit our blocks and ran the ball.”

California opened up the scoring on a one-yard rushing touchdown with 4:14 remaining in the first quarter.

Both defenses held each other up on the ensuing drives, however, California was able to strike again late in the first on a 19-yard rushing touchdown by junior running back Spencer Petrucci.

Layhue and Petrucci were not only the teams starting QB and RB duo, but their starting linebackers as well. Layhue said being in both positions is fun.

“Yeah it’s cool, but you can’t really give credit to me, it’s a team thing,” Layhue said.

The Trojans after more defensive stops were able to drive down the field, off a 49-yard pass to senior receiver Caden Powell and score on a two-yard touchdown.

Petrucci continued to talk about the win, especially after a great performance last week.

“Last week we had a good game, but we lost to Carmichaels last year so we came in with a dog mentality and no slacking and got the win,” he said.

The final touchdown the Trojans would score in the game came off of a 19-yard lob to tight end Aidan Lowden. However, California missed on both extra point attempts they had on the night.

Carmichaels would get their first score of the game on a deep pass to receiver Tyler Richmond with 9:38 remaining in the fourth quarter, but the damage was done.

This game was senior recognition for the Trojans. Despite being juniors, Petrucci and Layhue had good things to say about their senior teammates.

“It’s really sad,” Petrucci said. “We put in the work with them, sat behind people with them and started with them so it’s pretty sad to see them go,” he said.

“We spent our whole high school career with them, we’re sad to see them go but they and we will be okay,” Layhue said.

California is now 6-2 on the season with a 3-2 record in conference play; while Carmichaels are 5-3 and 2-2 in the conference play.

The Trojans take on Beth Center next Friday while the Mighty Mikes will host Bentworth at 7 pm.

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