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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

#BeyondTheKeystone Kansas – Junction City v. Topeka @BlueJays_AD @T_HighAthletics

Written by: on Monday, October 11th, 2021


This past Thursday was a showcase of High School Football in Kansas. Two larger schools, Junction City and Topeka, were scheduled to play at Junction City’s brand new facility west of town. Junction City, located about two hours west of Kansas City, is a small prairie city, while Topeka is the oldest school inside the state capital. Opened in 1871, and at its current location since 1931, it’s a one of the few, like El Paso High or Las Vegas High, that existed long before the city would grow enough to demand more schools.

The school and stadium just opened this year. With Blue Jay Stadium being a jewel of a venue. Though the surrounding landscaping is unfinished, and some roads still yet to reopen, the stadium speaks for itself. Situated to the east of the school, which dominates the endzone panorama.


The stadium sits on a built up hillside, with a central walkway with an upper and lower seating section. The smaller seating section was mostly full, while the extended into the sky upper section was covered with a smattering of people.

The concessions and restroom facilities were to the east endzone, which is a far walk from most of the crowd. It was Military Night at the stadium, and there was a lot of hullabaloo with military vehicles from Fort Riley on display. With halftime being a canine demonstration.

The sky was perfect for an October evening in the great plains. After a large production to introduce the team to the field, the two teams got underway.


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