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Bucknell takes the win against VMI at home in a 21-13 victory

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| September 10, 2023

Today was a matchup of the Bucknell Bison and the VMI football team both teams came into the game 0-1. Both looking for their first win of the season.

In the first quarter Bucknells quarterback Ralph Rucker threw a touchdown pass to Wide receiver Damian Harris and the Bison went up 7-0.

The second and third quarter remained a 7-0 ball game as Bucknells defense kept VMI at a stand still.

In the fourth quarter VMI’s kicker Caden Beck missed a 51 and a 31 yard field goal leaving the score 7-0. VMI then came back with a passing touchdown by Collin Ironside their quarterback on a triple reverse trick play to Aidan Twombly.

Bucknells Ralph Rucker then took them down the field and threw a passing touchdown to Charlie Kreinbucher.

Bucknells defense held VMI to a punt deep in their own territory and bucknell blocked the punt then Bucknells Rushawn Baker then jumped over the pile of players to score a bison touchdown and capitalize on the defensive turnover.

VMI’s Collin Ironside threw a touchdown to VJ Johnson. They then tried a two point conversion and couldn’t complete it as bucknells defense held them.

Final score 21-13 Bucknell wins and is now 1-1 on the season and VMI falls to 0-2 on the season.

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