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MOVA Vikings a win away from chance to defend their GEFA title

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| June 14, 2023

Story: David King
Pictures: Doug Lane

Round 1 of the GEFA league playoffs has officially concluded with the MOVA Vikings defeating the Mifflin Co. Tomahawks 44-40, the second straight week they played and the game ended within a five point deficit by containing the Tomahawks extremely strong second half comeback, switching roles with the Vikings last week were the comeback team.

Antawane Davis had another great week threw for 5 touchdowns, with Dane Bright being on the other end of two of them. Playing a game banged up is hard enough, but to be able to play at a high level and have two extremely impactful and clutch interceptions also is something that is fueled with 100% heart. That man was Sheldon Jones and he had this to say after the game “I would say it was a great game between two determined teams. We came into the game knowing it would be a 48 minute dog fight and we prepared for that. We know we had to make certain adjustments to counter certain things they did to take advantage of our schemes in the first game and we adjusted successfully. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you win by 30 or by 1. It’s the playoffs, so you gotta find a way to survive and advance, and that’s what we did”.

After the round 1 win coach Thor Marlow said “like most games in our great rivalry this was an exciting game. The first half went really well for us but the second half wasn’t pretty. Ultimately we came out with a win against a tough team and we are looking forward to our Match up with Williamsport in the Semi finals.”

Unfortunately the tomahawks great season has came to an end, I really noticed the sense of sportsmanship and work ethic on their side that I think will only improve them in the years coming. The reigning champ Vikings now will face Williamsport at home in round 2 of the GEFA league playoffs. While the Impressive Comanche face the ever consistent Cyclones on the other side of the bracket.

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