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PIAA Presents Initial NIL Plan

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| July 14, 2022


On Wednesday PIAA passed the 1st steps to making NIL (name, image, and likeness) available for athletes in the state of Pennsylvania. This has not been fully approved yet but this was the first step to allowing it in the state. This will allow high school athletes to obtain endorsements from promotional activities, including social media platforms.  

The PIAA did put some restrictions on the NIL deals. Booster clubs, coaches, and any alumni cannot negotiate or pay for NIL deals. The student-athletes also cannot make any reference to PIAA, their school, or their team name. Also, certain products and services are not allowed in NIL deals. These include alcohol, casinos, controlled substances, adult entertainment, opioids, and any weapons. 

The PIAA is also going to hire a company to help navigate everyone through this new policy. The timeline for passage would be in July of 2023. So roughly a year from now student-athletes in the state can start earning NIL money. 

Football coaches are trying to navigate this new world of NIL. Hempfield head football George Eager had this to say on the topic “I am very excited for the NIL opportunities for high school athletes. They work hard so any opportunities that come their way are well deserved”. Eager also wanted to make sure it constructively helps the athletes. Eager said, “I am interested to see what impact it will have at the high school level. I just hope it is positive”. Lots of coaches are feeling the way Eager is and are unsure what the impact will be on the game. 

 Drew Moore head football coach at Brashear high school is very passionate about NIL for his players. Moore said “This is a great opportunity for the young people in our state to be able to profit off of their image and likeness”. Like Eager he said there could be some issues at first. Moore said “There will definitely be some hiccups in the process early on, but hopefully it can smooth out sooner then later”. 

Change in high school sports is coming in July of 2023 when NIL will likely be allowed. High school coaches, players, parents and administrators will all have to all adjust and understand the reality of the situation. Most people I talked to expect bumps along the road, but this is a change that is happening and everyone needs to adjust. 

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