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Connellsville win close thriller versus Hampton 28-26

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| September 30, 2023

On Friday night, the Connellsville Falcons came into the game 3-2 and the Hampton Talbots came in 2-3.  Hampton was looking to get the win, because it was their homecoming game. On the first drive of the game Connellsville went down the field and their quarterback Rocco Farrel ran the ball in for a touchdown.  Connellsville missed the extra point, so it was six to nothing.

On Connellsvilles second drive of the first quarter number 22 Bruce Giles had a rushing touchdown, and the two point conversion was good to make the score fourteen to nothing with 6 minutes left and twenty seven seconds left in the first.




Hampton scored its first points when number 22 Brock Borgo ran the ball into the endzone to make the score 14-7 Connellsville with 18 seconds left in the first quarter.



Connellsville fumbled with 8 minutes left in the first half and the ball was recovered by number 10 Josh Carr to give Hampton the ball.




Hampton went down the field and tied the game with a rushing touchdown by number 5 William Haselrig, with 30 seconds left in the first half.




It was tied at fourteen going into halftime.


With the first score of the third quarter Porter Kelly threw a receiving touchdown to number 5 William Haselrig to makr it 20-14 Hampton, the extra point was no good.




On a Connellsville punt Hampton ran it back, but then Connellsville picked the ball up in the end zone for a touchback.


As a result of the touckback, Connellsville marched down the field ending the drive with another Bruce Giles touchdown run to make the score 21-20 Connellsville and it would stay like that until the end of the third quarter.




In the fourth quarter, Connellsville quarterback number 5 Anthony Piasecki ran the ball into the end zoene to go up 28-20.


With 2 minutes left in the game Hamptons quarterback Porter Kelly would QB sneak the ball into the endzone to make the score 28-26, but they could not get the 2-point conversion so Connellsville would end up winning the game 28-26.







Connellsville will look to take their momentum into next week against the McKeesport Tigers, and Hampton will look to bounce back against the North Catholic Trojans.


Thank you for reading.

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