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Messiah Mickens Commits to Penn State, Ranked as Pennsylvania’s Top Prospect in 2026 Recruiting Class

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| August 20, 2023

In an exciting development for Penn State football fans, Messiah Mickens, the highly talented athlete from Trinity High School, has committed to playing for Penn State. The official No. 1 prospect in Pennsylvania’s 2026 recruiting class (Per 247), Mickens boasts an impressive offer list (16 offers) that includes powerhouse programs such as Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. With his exceptional skills on both offense and defense, Mickens has already made a significant impact for Trinity and is expected to continue his success for the Shamrocks.

Mickens’ versatility and contributions on both sides of the football have made him a standout player. As a running back, he showcased his explosive speed, agility, and elusiveness throughout his first year at Trinity. Mickens accounted for an impressive total of 1,161 yards and scored 18 touchdowns, demonstrating his playmaking ability, and scoring prowess. Defensively, Mickens proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with as a linebacker. He made over 25 tackles during his debut season, displaying his strength, tackling technique, and instincts on the defensive side of the ball. Mickens’ solid performance on defense further highlights his well-rounded skill set and ability to impact every snap.

With Mickens now committed to Penn State, there is great anticipation surrounding his future at the collegiate level. Given his remarkable achievements in his first year at Trinity, it is reasonable to expect his offensive output to increase as he takes on a more significant role and receives more carries. His dynamic skill set, coupled with his work ethic and determination, make him an exciting prospect for the Penn State coaching staff and fans alike. Mickens’ decision to commit to Penn State was not a hasty one, considering the impressive array of offers he received from numerous top-tier programs. Schools such as Alabama, Duke, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia all recognized his immense talent and potential. Ultimately, Mickens chose Penn State as the program that best aligns with his academic and athletic aspirations. “It’s a dream come true,” touted Mickens.


The Shamrocks star sophomore committed Saturday to Penn State, according to his coach, former Penn State star Jordan Hill.

Hill gave him a glowing endorsement prior to his freshman season.
“The upside for him …. he could be one of the best to ever do it from this area,” the coach said. “Not even this area. Just … maybe the best to ever do it.”

It’s fantastic to hear that the Shamrocks star sophomore, Messiah Mickens, has committed to Penn State! His coach, former Penn State star Jordan Hill, seems to have a lot of confidence in Mickens’ potential. Giving such a glowing endorsement prior to his freshman season speaks volumes about Mickens’ talent and potential.

Hill’s statement about Mickens potentially being one of the best to ever come from the area is incredibly high praise. It suggests that Mickens has the skills and ability to leave a lasting impact on the football program, not just in the local area but perhaps even on a broader scale. With such an endorsement from a notable figure like Hill, it’s clear that Mickens possesses exceptional talent and has the potential to achieve great things.


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