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November 30-December 6 2022 Scoreboard
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2021 PFN Player Profile: Sean Spinosa Germantown Academy @sean_spinosa1 @GAFootball1759

Written by: on Sunday, June 27th, 2021


Germantown Academy

Class 2022

Positions T-DT

Height & Weight: 6’0″ 270lbs


Squat (lbs):415

Clean (lbs):235


You play both offensive tackle and defensive tackle. Of the two which do you like better?

I like offensive tackle better, I love being the anchor on the end for outside zone and pass protection.

Sticking with a question of both positions. Which one is harder for you to play?

I would say defensive tackle is harder for me to play. I feel like the strategy and hand skill needed is a very talented skill that I’m working on every day to master.

In watching your hudl highlights against Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, you showed a great deal of power along with staying on your block until the play was over. How much of this has been coached into you and how much is just your own natural ability to dominate the player in front of you?

I think my Chesnut Hill game was one of the best games I personally played. Our great offensive line coach Coach Moll has taught us to never stop blocking until we hear that whistle. We always are coached to move the guy and dominate him at least 5+ yards more than the line of scrimmage and in practice are blocking past 10 yards. I think this Dominant mindset from our coach contributes heavily to my own mindset where I’m gonna be the more physical, faster, and tougher kid when I put my hand in the dirt

What are your personal goals for this season as well as goals you have set for the team?

My own personal goal for this season is to become one of the best high school Lineman in the Inter-Ac and Eastern PA. Our team’s goal is to have forceful offense and to trample any defense that in our way of the endzone. Also, the Inter-Ac championship is the biggest goal of our and we can wait to compete for it.

What makes playing for Germantown Academy so special?

Playing for GA is a unique bond that will never go away. The feeling of Family between one another is unbreakable and the closeness that we have between players and coaches makes it feel like we’re all siblings. The weight room, being able to train like a college team and the facilities that we have are such a gift and an honor that we have at GA too

What has been your most memorable moment on the field?

My most memorable moment was definitely the game-winner Philly special my Sophomore year against Episcopal.

Is there one player that you pattern your style of play after? If so who?

I would have to say I try to style my game after Quenton Nelson who will come through a hole and make it clear and run people over for his running back behind him.

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is definitely my Mother. She always been there for me and backed up my decisions and celebrated my best games, wins, and everything else with me. She’s so supportive on and off the football field.

What is your favorite current TV show?

My favorite current TV show is money heist. I thought it was a great series and can’t wait for the next season

What is your favorite all-time sports movie?

My favorite current TV show is money heist. I thought it was a great series and cant wait for the next season.



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