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2019 Berks Football Section 1/2 All-League

Written by: on Monday, December 9th, 2019

Special thanks to Mike Drago

All Berks Team HERE

The All-Berks teams were announced at the Berks County Football Coaches Association annual awards banquet Sunday at Crowne Plaza Reading

2019 Berks Football League Section 1 All-League

Coach of the Year: Jeff Lang Gov. Mifflin

First-team offense

Offensive Back of the Year: Nick Singleton Gov. Mifflin
Receiver of the Year: Alex Javier Exeter
Offensive Lineman of the Year: Adam Kase Conrad Weiser

QB Gavin McCusker Exeter
RB Nick Singleton Gov. Mifflin
RB Owen Dautrich Conrad Weiser
RB Dominic Caruso Twin Valley
APB Dalton Moyer Conrad Weiser
WR Alex Javier Exeter
WR Junior Duffault Muhlenberg
TE Cam’Ron Stewart Gov. Mifflin
C Jake Dwinchick Daniel Boone
G Max Pacheco Conrad Weiser
G Preston Brown Exeter
T Adam Kase Conrad Weiser
T Robbie Unruh Exeter
KR Nick Singleton Gov. Mifflin
PK Matt Noll Conrad Weiser

First-team defense

Defensive Back of the Year: Alex Javier Exeter
Linebacker of the Year: Brandon Strausser Gov. Mifflin
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Cam’Ron Stewart Gov. Mifflin

DL Cam’Ron Stewart Gov. Mifflin
DL Jaylin Miller Exeter
DL Matt Pauley Conrad Weiser
DL Logan Dallas Daniel Boone
DL Adam Kase Conrad Weiser
LB Brandon Strausser Gov. Mifflin
LB Erik Moyer Conrad Weiser
LB Allen Cisneros Exeter
LB Kobe Hopkins Reading High
DB Alex Javier Exeter
DB Nick Kurtz Twin Valley
DB Trace Brown Reading High
DB Samuel Thompson Gov. Mifflin
P Matt Noll Conrad Weiser

Second-team offense

QB Kolbie Reeser Gov. Mifflin
RB Tanner Vanderslice Daniel Boone
RB Elijah Williams Reading High
RB Brandon Strausser Gov. Mifflin
APB Nick Kurtz Twin Valley
WR Devon Scott Exeter
WR Trey Freeman Twin Valley
WR Deshawn Wilson Reading High
TE Gabe Iacavone Conrad Weiser
C Jon Maree Conrad Weiser
G Logan Dallas Daniel Boone
G Nate Brady Exeter
G Sam Toro Reading High
T Zach Hubert Twin Valley
T Steven VanPelt Gov. Mifflin
KR Devon Scott Exeter
PK Sean Henry Exeter

Second-team defense

DL Robbie Unruh Exeter
DL Zach Hubert Twin Valley
DL Gabe Eagle Exeter
LB Larry Williams Daniel Boone
LB Garrett Tinsley Twin Valley
LB Ty Yocum Exeter
LB Brian Czaus Muhlenberg
DB Dalton Moyer Conrad Weiser
DB Dan Hojnowski Daniel Boone
DB Johnny Day Exeter
P Josh Cupitt Exeter

2019 All-Berks honorable mention


Quarterback: Logan Klitsch, Conrad Weiser; Ryan Scheivert, Twin Valley.
Running back: Ty Yocum, Exeter; Kobe Hopkins, Reading High.
All-purpose back: J.R. Strauss, Exeter.
Wide receiver: Jordan Jones, Reading High.
Tackle: Dominic Sheidy, Gov. Mifflin.
Guard: Devonte Phillip, Chris Raab, Gov. Mifflin; Jonas Shauger, Muhlenberg; Jordan Rodriguez, Reading High.
Center: Tim Furman, Exeter; Gian Diaz, Gov. Mifflin; Charlie Haubrich, Reading High.
Kick returner: Dalton Moyer, Conrad Weiser; Elijah Williams, Reading High; Trey Freeman, Twin Valley.
Placekicker: Nate Millard, Daniel Boone.


Linemen: Exeter; Mason Klahr, Jose Landrom, Steve VanPelt, Gov. Mifflin; Omar Encarnacion, Jordan Rodriguez, Sam Toro, Reading High; Danny Hammersly, Twin Valley.
Linebackers: Josh Nihart, Gabe Trevena, Conrad Weiser; J.R. Strauss, Exeter; Zach Parsons, Gov. Mifflin; Brodie Faessen, Muhlenberg; Joshua Orozco, Reading High.
Backs: CJ Civiello, Conrad Weiser; Daniel Boone; Nick Schafer, Exeter; Ayden Martin, Michael Raab, Gov. Mifflin; Deshawn Wilson, Reading High; Nick Stolz, Twin Valley.
Punters: Nate Carsley, Twin Valley.

2019 Berks Football League Section 2 All-League

Coach of the Year: Bob Wolfrum Wyomissing

First-team offense

Offensive Back of the Year: Max Hurleman Wyomissing
Receiver of the Year: Michael Knowles Schuylkill Valley
Offensive Lineman of the Year: Jacob Phillips Hamburg

QB Charlie Maddocks Fleetwood
RB Max Hurleman Wyomissing
RB Shaheed Warren Hamburg
RB Abdul MacFoy Berks Catholic
APB Diohnny Ruiz Hamburg
WR Michael Knowles Schuylkill Valley
WR Alex Gonzalez Schuylkill Valley
WR Tanner Maddocks Fleetwood
TE Luke Ammarell Schuylkill Valley
C Jase Fowler Berks Catholic
G Jacob Phillips Hamburg
G Nathan Woods Schuylkill Valley
T Ian Brunner Wyomissing
T Alan Snyder Fleetwood
KR Max Hurleman Wyomissing
PK Aidan Cirulli Wyomissing

First-team defense

Defensive Back of the Year: Jevin Tranquillo Wyomissing
Linebacker of the Year: Evan Niedrowski Wyomissing
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Luke Ammarell Schuylkill Valley

DL Jacob Phillips Hamburg
DL Luke Ammarell Schuylkill Valley
DL Ian Brunner Wyomissing
DL Hunter Shuey Hamburg
LB Evan Niedrowski Wyomissing
LB Ben Leister Fleetwood
LB CJ Carwll Berks Catholic
LB Darren Brunner Wyomissing
DB Jevin Tranquillo Wyomissing
DB Max Hurleman Wyomissing
DB Kyle Vernon Hamburg
DB Michael Knowles Schuylkill Valley
DB Christian Cacchione Berks Catholic
P Aidan Cirulli Wyomissing

Second-team offense

QB Nicco Iaccarino Schuylkill Valley
RB Evan Niedrowski Wyomissing
RB Jevin Tranquillo Wyomissing
RB Ben Leister Fleetwood
APB Nolan Larkin Berks Catholic
WR Darren Brunner Wyomissing
TE Matthew Zelko Fleetwood
C Rocky Ferrandino Wyomissing
G Jack Feightner Wyomissing
G Luke Hughes Berks Catholic
T Andrew Chiarelli Berks Catholic
T Joey Svoboda Fleetwood
KR Abdul MacFoy Berks Catholic
PK Zach Heffner Schuylkill Valley

Second-team defense

DL Matthew Zelko Fleetwood
DL Lisandro Gonzalez Schuylkill Valley
DL Luke Hughes Berks Catholic
DL Isiah Fernandez Wyomissing
DL Steven Olexy Wyomissing
LB Diohnny Ruiz Hamburg
LB Nick James Hamburg
LB Aiden Gallen Berks Catholic
LB Matt Balash Fleetwood
DB Tanner Maddocks Fleetwood
DB Lennon Neiman Kutztown
DB Cameron Harris Hamburg
P Zach Heffner Schuylkill Valley

Berks 2 honorable mention


Quarterback: Brad Hoffman, Berks Catholic; P.J. Hanlon, Hamburg; Lucas Floyd, Kutztown; Jordan Auman, Wyomissing.
Running back: Tristan Baer, Hamburg; Ryan Brauer, Kutztown.
Wide receiver: Christian Cacchione, Berks Catholic; Owen Maddocks, Wes McCalpine, Fleetwood; Kyle Vernon, Hamburg.
Tight end: Seamus Barter, Hamburg; Aidan Mack, Wyomissing.
Tackle: Jackson Gofus, Berks Catholic; Seamus Filoon, Rushard Williams, Wyomissing.
Guard: Luke Hughes, Berks Catholic; Carson Crossley, Fleetwood; Nathan Woods, Schuylkill Valley; Evan Busack, Jack Feightner, Wyomissing.
Center: Will Ryan, Fleetwood.
Placekicker: Anthony Zavala, Berks Catholic; Wes Seaman, Fleetwood.


Linemen: Luke Hughes, Lincoln Lutz, Berks Catholic; Jared Burt, Fleetwood.
Linebackers: Justin Small, Owen Wolfe, Berks Catholic; Aidan Kotsch, Owen Maddocks, Wes McCalpine, Gavin Morris, Fleetwood; Travis Colson, Hamburg; Tristan Stoess, Kutztown; Tanner Mountz, Schuylkill Valley; Brayden Eberhart, Jack Feightner, Tommy Grabowski, Wyomissing.
Backs: Tim Fleischood, Berks Catholic; David Schaeffer, Fleetwood; Kyle Spotts, Schuylkill Valley; Nevin Carter, Amory Thompson, Wyomissing.
Punters: Tyler Givens, Berks Catholic; Tristan Baer, Hamburg; Dalton Furst, Kutztown.

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