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PFN Panel’s Playoff Picks

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| November 10, 2022


Week two of the playoffs brings us to week 11 of the PFN’s ProTime Panel picks tournament.  With tropical storm Nicole expected to rain down on the Commonwealth many games were pushed up to Thursday night, giving our PFN’s Panel’s crack prognosticators one less day to research the teams, consult their charts, study the post season trends or as in most cases throw their darts, to give you their semi-educated guesses for week 2 of the playoffs. On most games the panel is split on their hunches, only a few games have an overwhelming majority of the panel agreeing on the winning team (pretty much the kiss of death for those teams), in an unusual twist there are no unanimous picks this week.

There are several rematches from the regular season this week, while the bulk of the panel has sided with the winning team in the rematch, ProTime has chosen a reversal of fortunes as he has the regular season loser gaining redemption in the playoffs. Speaking of the ole wily veteran, ProTime continues to lead the panel with a 99-49 record for a .669 winning percentage. Even more impressive is ProTime’s 209-73 record, that’s a .741percentage for the season for the games picked in his award winning weekly column.

Try to stay dry this week as you enjoy the greatest sport on earth, high school football.



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