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Marcus Sic

Marcus Sic

PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week 14 of 16

November 28, 2023

SUDDENLY IT’S TIGHT AT THE TOP AND THE BOTTOM With just one full week of games and Championship week to go, PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge has turned into a horse race at the top of the table and the bottom. In the race to unseat the OG Protime, the four top pickers are only separated […]

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November 24, 2023

ONLY 30 PICKS TO GO With only two full weeks and Championship week left in the ProTime Pick’em Challenge there has been a bit of discrepancy in the win total. The numbers were recalculated, there also will be a recount conducted this week to affirm the standing, although the numbers are different the standings remain […]

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PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week 13 is in the Books

November 20, 2023

Protime Phil is Pulling Away With 13 of the 16 weeks of PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge complete, to absolutely no one’s surprise, Protime Phil, the OG of Pennsylvania high school football prognostication, is starting to separate himself from the field. This week Protime was able to pick 10 of the 12 playoff games correctly to […]

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November 17, 2023

The Challenge Tightens at the Top As we enter week three of the playoffs and week 13 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge, it has turned into a 5 way race to the top and 2 way fall to the bottom. Sitting on his lofty perch above all others is the OG, Protime Phil with 96 […]

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ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge Playoff Week 2 Edition

November 9, 2023

The Top of the Table Tightens Week two of the playoffs sees the ProTime Pick’em Challenge tighten up at the Top of the Table, with Protime Phil completing the climb back to the top with 96 wins, right on his heels with 95 wins is Hollywood, slipping to third place with back-to-back bad guessing weeks, […]

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The OG takes control of ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge

November 6, 2023

“EXPERTS EEK OUT A WIN OVER THE READERS Week one of the playoffs brought a lot of excitement throughout the Commonwealth with exciting finishes, surprising upsets and surprise endings to some high school football team’s seasons. It was not a surprise that Protime Phil, the OG, took his rightful place on top of the table […]

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PIAA District 1 Playoff Preview: 1A

November 2, 2023

The Game #2 Jenkintown Drakes @ #1 Morrisville Bulldogs MORRISVILLE HOST JENKINTOWN FOR THE DISTRICT 1 1A TITLE There are not many teams  in District 1 that are in the smallest classification 1A, which means Morrisville and Jenkintown will battle it out in round 1 of the playoffs for the District 1 1A title Friday […]

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November 2, 2023

PLAYOFFS? YOUR TALK’IN PLAYOFFS! To a high school football geeks, like the writers of PaFootballNews.com, this week is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. IT’S PLAYOFF TIME BABY! The last ten weeks of the greatest sport known to man has been a rush, but there is nothing like the […]

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October 31, 2023

Protime and Hollywood Storm back to tie for the Regular Season Title as the Bossman Falters The regular season of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge ended with Protime Phil and Hollywood storming back picking 11 out of 12 games correctly, at the same time Billy the Bossman had his worse of the contest choosing only 7 […]

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ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge Regular Season Finale

October 27, 2023

BATTLE OF UNDEFEATEDS TOP THIS WEEK’S FIELD As the regular season come to a close there are four battles of undefeated teams on this week’s card of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge. These games will decide league championships, seedings for the upcoming District tournaments, they will also decide if the OG of Pennsylvania high school football […]

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ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week 9 Results

October 25, 2023

NINE WEEKS DOWN As we tally up the results of week 9 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge it has become abundantly clear that Billy the Bossman is going to take the regular season title. With only one week to go in the regular season Billy leads with 81 wins, Alex is second just 2 behind […]

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October 19, 2023

DOWN THE STRECH THEY COME As we near the end of the high school football regular season the top of the table is getting tighter putting the regular season title of the ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge clearly in the sites of half of our panel. Sadly Bossman Billy has retained his lead with 72 correct guesses, […]

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October 17, 2023

PANEL MAKES A COMEBACK After back-to-back pitiful performances by the ProTime Pick’em Challenge Panel, the group made a strong comeback picking 127 winners out of a possible 168 games for an impressive 76% winning percentage. After consecutive weeks of 93 then 103 correct guesses, the tally of 127 is one of the best in challenge […]

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ProTimes Pick’em Challenge Week Eight Consensus Week?

October 12, 2023

CONSENSUS AMONG THE PANEL NOT NECESSARILY A GOOD THING As we enter week 7 of the Pennsylvania High School Football season, week 8 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge, there seems to be an air of consensus among the Ouija boards of our expert panel. The writers in half of this week’s slate are unanimous or […]

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ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week Seven’s Results

October 11, 2023

DOWN GOES MARCUS-BILLY ROCKETS TO THE TOP   Following a Trap Week that didn’t disappoint, the crew was hoping this week would be Comeback Week…it was not. Leading the charge to the bottom was yours truly Marcus and Jared collecting a pitiful 5 wins out of 12 games. The panel as a whole was only […]

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WEEK 7 of PFN’S ProTime Pick’em Challenge

October 5, 2023

COMEBACK WEEK? After a disastrous week for our expert guessers last week, can this week prove to be the week where the panel turns it all around? Will this week be pronounced COMEBACK WEEK or will the panel fall back into mediocracy once again? My guess is Protime the OG of Pennsylvania HS football prognostication, […]

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WEEK SIX of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge TRAP WEEK WORKED!!

October 3, 2023

Trap Week Does Not Disappoint Week six of the PFN ProTime Pick’em Challenge was dubbed TRAP WEEK because of the seemingly easy picks that were on the docket, those “easy picks” turned week  6 of the lowest winning percentage ever in the Challenge. Coming into week 6 the panel was cruising along at a 70% […]

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WEEK 5 of the Protime Pick’em Challenge

September 29, 2023

TRAP WEEK   Every year teams face games they seemingly should win, but for some reason they do not. There is usually something outside of the white lines that effects one or both of the teams; previous games, an upcoming game, Homecoming dances, and upcoming games to name a few of the distractions that high […]

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ProTime Pick’em Panel’s Week 5 Results PERFECTION

September 26, 2023

MAYHEM and Billy the Bossman are Perfect Week 5 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge featured two of PFNs savants going a perfect 12-0, MAYHEM and Billy the Bossman were able to achieve perfection, vaulting them to 1-2 in the season long standings. MAYHEM takes the pole position with 45 wins, Billy is in second with […]

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September 21, 2023

Six Matchups of Undefeated Teams top this Week’s Challenge   As we enter week 5 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge natural order seems to have been restored with the O.G. Protime claiming his spot on top of the mountain. The other panel members better shine their Ouija Boards, sharpen their darts or visit their favorite […]

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Protime Climbs to the Top of the Pick’em Challenge

September 19, 2023

PANEL STAYS ON FIRE Well that didn’t take long! After week four Protime has elevated to the top of the table of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge. With the sage of Pennsylvania football going 9 out of 12 on his weekly picks, his season win total has raised to 35 enough to take a 1 game […]

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PFN’s ProTime Panel’s Week Three Results

September 12, 2023

After a Slow Start the Panel Turns Red Hot Week three proved to be a saga of ice cold and red hot for PFN’s ProTime Panel. The panels Ouija Boards were ice cold to start the week, going a miserable 5 for 56, a .089 winning percentage, the entire panel whiffed on two games, picking […]

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ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge Week 3 Selections

September 7, 2023

Week 3 Brings Some Big Time Matchups Week three of PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge will feature early season match ups match up that will have playoff implications in November. Harrisburg High will travel down to Lancaster County to take on Manheim Township, both teams are off to quick starts at 2-0, with convincing lopsided wins. […]

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ProTime Pick’em Panel Week 1 Results

September 6, 2023

ProTime Pick’em Panel Red Hot Week One Results PFN’s panel of high school football writers were red hot with their “educated” guesses for week one, picking an incredible 133 winners out of 168 games for a preposterous .792 winning percentage. Apparently Protime Phil was not happy with his third place effort last week, rumor has […]

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ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week Duo

August 31, 2023

Playoff Seeding Fallout on the Line in Early Season Card Thursday starts the first full weekend of the 2023 football season, with early playoff implications on the line. Headlining this week’s games are a pair of 6A tilts involving Downingtown’s two teams. Downingtown East (PFN HM) visits State College (PFN #4), while Downingtown West (PFN […]

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