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PFN Prognosticators are on a Roll

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| September 30, 2022


Week 4 was a great week for the PFN Prognosticators, they summoned all of their lucky charms together guessing correctly on 160 games, while only missing on 65 games, for a .711 winning percentage. Which of course brings up the number one debate in this great Commonwealth, 7/11-Sheetz-WAWA, which is the best and which are garbage. 7/11 is great on the craps table but absolutely horrible as a convenience store, the only redeeming value of 7/11 is the Slurpee. Sheetz is very nice, always clean, very easy to order food and a nice variety, however food isn’t great, they sell subs and the coffee is subpar. Then there is WAWA, superior coffee and coffee like drinks, food is pretty good, they sell hoagies, they were featured in the Mare of Easttown and most importantly WAWA was founded in DELCO, the greatest of all the counties!

Back to review of week 4. Once again the cream rose to the with ProTime picking 12 out of 15 winners, and more shocking then Southern Columbia losing two games, our fearless leader Billy was also correct on 12 of the darts he threw at the dart board. For the season Protime continues to lead with 43 winners, with Billy and Polka Al close on his heels with 40 wins. Bringing up the rear is PFNDan with only 31 wins, Dan bravely has predicted he will go 15-0 on this week’s card, we shall see.

Week 4 featured three teams where the entire PFN crew guessed correctly Penns, Dunmore and Saint Mary’s, on the flip side 14/15 of the crew picked incorrectly that North Penn would defeat CBWest and Manheim Township would beat Hempfield.

On to week 5: This week features 3 games that the PFN geniuses have picked the same teams to win, CBEast, Lancaster Catholic and Red Bank. Very brave picks, considering the 3 teams have a combined record of 15-0. If the past is any indicator one or two of these teams will lose. On the flip side in a game of undefeated 5-0 teams the PFN “Pros” are evenly split on who will win the tilt between N. Bedford and Conemaugh.

There promises to be much drama this week in the battle to be crowned King of Protime. Stay dry as you travel to see the top high school games in Pennsylvania.

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