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PFN’s ProTime Panel’s Week Three Results

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| September 12, 2023

After a Slow Start the Panel Turns Red Hot

Week three proved to be a saga of ice cold and red hot for PFN’s ProTime Panel. The panels Ouija Boards were ice cold to start the week, going a miserable 5 for 56, a .089 winning percentage, the entire panel whiffed on two games, picking Central Bucks East over Souderton and Pine Richland over Penn Hills. Whoops, both Souderton and Pine Richland prevailed. It looked like the panel was going to whiff on another tilt, with 13 of the members selecting Harrisburg to defeat Manheim Township, luckily to avoid the panel’s third shutout there was one lone wolf that backed the Blue Streaks of Manheim Township, yours truly Marcus Sic! When I threw my dart it landed smack dab in the middle of the Cougars and the Blue Streaks, I went with the Lads from Lancaster. Remember, it ain’t bragging if it’s true!

After the dreadful start, the panel catapulted into high gear, guessing correctly on 99 of the final 112 games, for a blistering .884 winning percentage and overall  .625 victorious clip for week three. Hollywood won the individual title for the week, with 9/12 record, quite a comeback after finishing dead last in week 2.  No changes of the top of the table, for the yearlong contest, I remain deadlocked with the King, Protime Phil, each of us have selected winners in 26 of 38 games. There is a logjam for third place with Tristan, Alex, Willie Jared and the Boss Man Billy with 24 wins. For the year the panel’s combined record is 327 and 504, for a winning clip of .648.

With three weeks in the books, it looks like it’s going to be an unpredictable season. Now that everyone is home from the Shore, the beach if you’re not from SEPA, all eyes will turn to high school football. Interleague rivalries will heat up the schedules, upsets will be on the rise, challenging even the sagest prognosticators. Follow the best team of high school football experts, as the leaves change, bringing the title chases into focus. Pick along with us to see how your picks stack against this dazzling panel of soothsayers.

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