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PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge Week 13 is in the Books

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| November 20, 2023

Protime Phil is Pulling Away

With 13 of the 16 weeks of PFN’s ProTime Pick’em Challenge complete, to absolutely no one’s surprise, Protime Phil, the OG of Pennsylvania high school football prognostication, is starting to separate himself from the field. This week Protime was able to pick 10 of the 12 playoff games correctly to tie for the best guessing of the week with Jared and shockingly Mason Dawg, more on that later. With his 10 correct picks this week Protime has now run his record to 115/157, trailing by just 1 game is Hollywood at 114 wins, also breaking the triple digit mark in wins is Alex and yours truly with 101 and Jared and Billy with 100. Speaking of the Bossman, Billy once again finished dead last on the panel picking winners at a lowly 50%. While he had a great regular season, the playoffs have been dreadful for El Capitan. MasonDawg, with his best week of the year, started to inch his way out of the basement, he now sits at 89 wins trailing John K by 1 and the twosome of Dan and Tristan by 2.

The readers proved once again that they are up to the task of competing with PFN’s crack staff, several readers tied for first place at 10 wins, however after 3 weeks no reader has been able to top the PFN staff and take home the elusive PFN prize pack! As the season winds down, there are still a couple of more opportunities to beat the best high school football reporters in Pennsylvania, but I doubt anyone will out guess the “experts” of PFN. Good luck with your picks, we will have this week’s games out soon.



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