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ProTime Panel Semi-Finals Hunches

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| December 1, 2022


As always the cream has risen to the top, for PFN’s ProTime Pick Em’ Panel Guessing Tournament, the cream has not only risen to the top and stayed there, it separated from the pretend prognosticators like a quart of non-homogenized milk. ProTime has led the pack since week one, as we reach the last two weeks he has an eleven point lead over second place Tristan. Technically coming into this week there were six pickers that could catch ProTime, but after this week’s guesses were submitted no one would be able to overtake ProTime. So much like King Richard in the 70s and 80s, last two weeks are just victory laps for ProTime. ProTime’s winning percentage currently sits at an amazing 71% (148-61), there are 6 other panelist who have 130+ wins.

That brings us to the only drama of the tournament, who will finish in the last three and face relegation? For all you non soccer fans, relegation is when you get dumped to a lower league because you stink, think the Detroit Lions or the Pirates or for that matter the Flyers, teams that are so bad they cannot compete at the top level. Let’s set the field for the race to the bottom: MasonDawg (124) is currently 3 wins clear of the dreaded relegation, Leo (121) is in a dead heat for third from the bottom with yours truly Marcus SIC (121), second from the bottom is Willie (120) and bring up the rear is NEPA (119) a mere 29 wins away from our leader ProTime. Given that the bottom 5’s darts never seem to hit the correct team, it should be no surprise that many of this week’s guesses are the same. The bottom 5 are so bad at picking the winning team, 2 of us have taken little ole Garnet Valley over the big bad, All-Star team from The Prep. Last year The Prep trashed the Jags, in the Eastern Finals, when the Jags got off to a rough start. Some say I’m just a homer for picking the Jags over the Preps, my answer, you are dam right I am. I have no idea why Leo is taking the Jags. Full disclosure: I am a proud Garnet Valley Alum, my DELCO blood runs garnet and white!

Hope you enjoy this week’s games, there should be some doozies. Then it’s on to Hershey, oops I mean Mechanicsburg.

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