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ProTime Pick’em Panel Week 1 Results

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| September 6, 2023

ProTime Pick’em Panel Red Hot Week One Results

PFN’s panel of high school football writers were red hot with their “educated” guesses for week one, picking an incredible 133 winners out of 168 games for a preposterous .792 winning percentage. Apparently Protime Phil was not happy with his third place effort last week, rumor has it that he locked himself in his room, poured over reams of research, and placed calls to coaches throughout the Commonwealth, with an end result of picking 11 out of 12 games correctly. This vaulted Phil into a tie with yours truly, believe me I’m as shocked as everyone else, at the top of the table. In the, even a blind squirrel finds acorns category, the pride of DELCO Willie, tied Phil for the weekly title, also picking 11/12. The Pick’em Panel was perfect on seven games, leaving only five games with incorrect guesses. In a bit of a statistical anomaly, Hollywood was 7 and 5, missing on all five games that the panel missed on.

Ten of the panel’s writers picked #4 State College to defeat Downingtown East, with only Willie, Phil and myself selecting the Cougars. Me and Phil, I know terrible English it should be Phil and I, lead the contest with matching 18-6 records, next are Tristan and DELCO Willie at 17-7. There is a four way log jam for fifth place between The Bossman Billy, Alex, Jared and Mason all are 16-8. For the record: I realize Phil will sky rocket to sole possession of first place and I will fade into oblivion, which is why anytime I can I’ll put me in front of Phil’s name while I can.

Next week’s slate seems to favor Western Pennsylvania, which is Phil’s wheelhouse. Hope your guesses were as good as ours. Pick along with us, to see how you stack up against the best-of-the-best

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