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ProTime Pick’em Panel’s Week 5 Results PERFECTION

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| September 26, 2023

MAYHEM and Billy the Bossman are Perfect

Week 5 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge featured two of PFNs savants going a perfect 12-0, MAYHEM and Billy the Bossman were able to achieve perfection, vaulting them to 1-2 in the season long standings. MAYHEM takes the pole position with 45 wins, Billy is in second with 44 winning guesses, Alex and yours truly are tied for the bronze at 43 wins. The most shocking take from week 5 is the Protime, the O.G. of Pennsylvania HS football prognosticating, has fallen to a tie for 5th place with Hollywood and Tristan. Halfway through the season and Protime Phil is off the podium, no one could have predicted the O.G. would have slipped this far. In the watch out here he comes category, since slipping to the bottom on week 2, Hollywood has picked an incredible 32 winners in the last three weeks.

This week is TRAP WEEK, 12 trap games are on the docket for PFN’s panel. Will Protime make one of his patented comeback, will Hollywood stay on fire, will MAYHEM and Billy comeback to Earth? This week will separate the pretenders from the contenders. Check out our TRAP WEEK games and see if you can out guess Pennsylvania’s best gaggle of HS football writers.

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