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ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge Playoff Week 2 Edition

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| November 9, 2023

The Top of the Table Tightens

Week two of the playoffs sees the ProTime Pick’em Challenge tighten up at the Top of the Table, with Protime Phil completing the climb back to the top with 96 wins, right on his heels with 95 wins is Hollywood, slipping to third place with back-to-back bad guessing weeks, the Bossman Billy. There is a tie for fourth place with Late pick Alex and yours truly, with 92 victories. The most anticipated game on the docket this week is the rematch of Jersey Shore and Selinsgrove. The first game was declared a draw after Jersey Shore player Max Engle collapsed on the field. Sadly a week later Max joined the Lord.

Our new feature, where readers get to compete with the “experts” in the ProTime Pick’em Challenge was a huge success. While no reader was an outright winner against the panel, four of our readers tied the first place prognosticators, ME and Alex, with 9 wins. The top reader guesser will receive the much coveted PFN prize package!

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