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| November 4, 2022


RED October in Philadelphia is a celebration of the Phillies making the playoffs, this week the panel’s picks were referred as Red October because of the absolute blood bath that was the panels picks. With a third of the panel having losing guesses leading the way the panel’s winning percentage was a dismal 51% of the week, causing the regular season winning rate to drop to 59%. Even with his worse week in the regular season finally ProTime did take the regular season title with 89 wins for an impressive winning percent of 67%. There was a four way tie for second place with FoD, Mayhem, Eddo, and PolkaAL the crew had 82 wins each for a 62% guessing rate. Leo pulled up the rear with 70 wins for a 53% winning rate. The surprise of the regular season finally was the utter disastrous 6/15 correct guesses by the Boss, wiping out any chance he had to overtake ProTime.

With the regular season over, the playoff portion of our panel’s choices will surely test the knowledge of our swamis. As the playoff fields narrow, follow PFN’s unchallenged coverage of high school football in Pennsylvania. Each week every game will be previewed by our crack staff, giving the panel even more information to crunch before filling out their bracket. Stay tuned, the race to the championship starts tonight!

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