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| September 21, 2023

Six Matchups of Undefeated Teams top this Week’s Challenge


As we enter week 5 of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge natural order seems to have been restored with the O.G. Protime claiming his spot on top of the mountain. The other panel members better shine their Ouija Boards, sharpen their darts or visit their favorite Witch Doctors, if they want to stay within guessing distance of Protime. There are 6 panel members just  2 games behind Protime, but if the past is any indicator this is where Protime turns it on and pulls away from the field.

This week’s games feature an incredible 6 games pitting undefeated 4-0 teams against each other, 5 of the other games have undefeated teams facing 1 loss teams and 1 loss teams facing each other. 17 of the 24 teams in this week’s contest are ranked in PFN’s weekly rankings. Five teams should be on upset alert, of course these are the five games in which the panel was unanimous in their choice. The one game everyone should keep their eye on is 4-0 Lakeview visiting 3-1 Eisenhower, the 13 of the guesses guessed Eisenhower, 1 chose Lakeview that one was Protime.

Play along with the best team of high school football writers in the country, let’s see if you can beat the crew.

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