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Downingtown West’s Ryan Howard voted to PFN Coaches All State Team

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| December 31, 2022


Downingtown West offensive tackle Ryan Howard has been voted to the PFN Coaches All State team. The mammoth 6’7” 305 lb. Junior offensive tackle was the cornerstone of Coach Mike Milano’s Whippet offense. With Howard leading the way West was able to amass 2,200 rushing yards and 1,700 passing yards, in the ChesMont Co-Championship season. Ryan has received several D1 offers including, Temple and Penn. Howard’s brother Will Howard is leading Kansas State against Alabama in today’s Sugar Bowl.


*Nearly 300 coaches from all over the state nominated players from 1A through 6A for this year’s Coaches Select All-State teams. We’d first like to thank all those coaches who participated, and we’d like to congratulate all players who made the first and second teams. Our formatting is such that it includes schemes such as a 4-3 defense that would use 4 linebackers and a nose guard, a spread offense that would use 3 wide receivers, wing-t that would have a slot/hb position, etc… In keeping with the tradition started by the founders of PFN, we do a first and second team

Introducing the 2022 PFN Coaches Select 6A All State Team!

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