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| October 31, 2023

Protime and Hollywood Storm back to tie for the Regular Season Title as the Bossman Falters

The regular season of the ProTime Pick’em Challenge ended with Protime Phil and Hollywood storming back picking 11 out of 12 games correctly, at the same time Billy the Bossman had his worse of the contest choosing only 7 winners out of 12 trys. The trio ended up picking 88 out of 120 for the regular season, for a 73% winning percentage. Midway through the Challenge Hollywood was left for dead, then he grouped together week after week of impressive guessing to comeback and tie for first place. To no one’s surprise Protime Phil, the OG of Pennsylvania high school football prognostication, did his thing fighting back the last three weeks to join in the three way tie. Billy, Billy, Billy what happened, it reminded me of the Phillies up 3-2 with two home games and not getting the deal done!

Fourth place also ended in a three way tie with Jared, Alex and yours truly coming in with 83 wins out of 120 games.  Jared closed the regular season with his best week picking 10/12 winners, Alex with a chance to overtake Billy, picked like Billy only getting a season low 5 correct of the 12 games, and as I earlier predicted,  continued to fade only picking 7/12. The battle to the bottom of the regular season was won/lost by Mason Dawg with 73 wins, followed closely by Dan who ended with 74 wins.

This week we will begin the second half of the Challenge, we also will be adding a new feature where the readers can take on the writers, in the PFN ProTime Pick’em Challenge!

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