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WEEK 7 of PFN’S ProTime Pick’em Challenge

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| October 5, 2023


After a disastrous week for our expert guessers last week, can this week prove to be the week where the panel turns it all around? Will this week be pronounced COMEBACK WEEK or will the panel fall back into mediocracy once again? My guess is Protime the OG of Pennsylvania HS football prognostication, will continue his climb back to his rightly place of the top of the table, yours truly, who is currently tied at the top of the table, will fall like a rock and Bossman Billy will try to extend the illusion that he is Protime’s equal. There is no possible way Ed and Tristan can go 4 for 12 again this week, but then again maybe they could. As for the rest of the panel, they are seeking to stay within shouting distance of Protime, but there real goal is to inch in front of the Bossman, who starts off every staff meeting with a review of who is leading the Challenge. Except for those weeks when he isn’t leading, at those meeting we don’t speak of the Challenge.

Maybe the most interesting tilt this week, is the battle for the King of Conemaugh, which pits Conemaugh Valley against Conemaugh Township. You can throw the records out when it comes to this rivalry, actually both teams are 0-6 so I’m not so sure either team’s record matters much. The panel seems to be split, with a slight lean to Valley. Seems to me an entire valley is probably bigger than a township in a valley, the teams have split the last two years, break out your Ouija board or flip a coin to pick the winner.

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