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September 2022


Protime Predictions

September 29, 2022  |  

Not long ago Protime was asked to be part of a radio team that was going to broadcast area football games.  Suddenly memories of speaking in public that had haunted Protime for years came back into the picture.  Granted, describing a football game on the radio to thousands of people is vastly different than speaking […]

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Protime Pick’em Panel had a banner week, but the Master has two horses nipping at his heels

September 26, 2022  |  

The Protime wannabe’s had a nice week of guessing! Only 2 were under 10 correct picks, Dan the man and Mason Jar. Protime and the corporate office hit the big time with 13 aces while 3 guessers picked 12 winners. We had 4 hit on 11. Protime holds a 3 point lead over the two […]

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Protime Panel: WEEK 4 – the Guessing is Heating Up!

September 23, 2022  |  

Apparently Algorithms Work Last week we saw the guessing of the PFN experts climb to an impressive 151-89 for a .639 winning percentage, raising the season total to 411-309 for a .570 clip of guessing correctly. Leading the way this week was super geek EDDO, since it’s obvious that it wasn’t his football expertise that […]

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Protime Predictions

September 22, 2022  |  

Protime happily went shopping at the local grocery mart last week at the request of Mrs. Protime.  Standing in the cereal aisle looking for oatmeal, raisin bran, and sugar pops Protime was startled when a lady came up behind him and said, “hey, how ya doing?”  Protime glanced over his shoulder at her and said, […]

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Protime Pick’em panel, week 3. The Master takes control!

September 19, 2022  |  

  Well what do you know…..the Master Guesser has tossed his coin all the way into the lead. The professional prognosticator hit a whopping 12-3 this week to show those understudies of his who the boss is. He had some competition though, that crafty webmaster Eddo from CircleWSports must have written up some algorythm to […]

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ProTime Panel’s Week 3 Hunches

September 16, 2022  |  

WEEK 3’s PICKS ARE HOT OFF THE PRESSES Let’s hope they are not as COLD as week 2’s Guesses Week 1 PFN’s “expert” Prognosticators went 38 picks over .500 as a group, this week they slipped to a mere 17 games above the 50/50 mark. As a whole the group was 15-0 picking Strath Haven […]

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Protime Predictions

September 15, 2022  |  

A few years ago, Protime and brothers Protime went on a trip down south and stopped at a convenience store for some R and R.  On the magazine rack was a sports magazine.  Inside the magazine was a page with one of those scratch and sniff colognes for men.  Protime liked the fragrance and thinking […]

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September 12, 2022  |  

Well, week 2 is in the books and the rookie, BillNJen, is showing up the veterans but only has a 1 point lead over the master and that “one ah twoah” polka jumper. Tied for third are the illustriuos yet quirky site owner, the hollywood star, Mr. Mayhem, Leo the Lion and the Dawg with […]

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September 9, 2022  |  

WEEK ONE is in the BOOKS Each week PaFootballnews’s panel of seasoned high school football prognosticators will make selections on some of the top games throughout the Commonwealth. Starting week one and going all the way through to the state championship games. We will keep a running tally of these soothsayers’ hunches, with the winner…..well […]

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Protime Predictions

September 8, 2022  |  

The other day Protime had to run some errands for the lovely Mrs. Protime.  His last stop was the local grocery mart.  When he goes to the grocery mart, he spends the majority of time in the cereal aisle and the baked goods aisle.  Mrs. P can always find him in one of those two […]

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Protime’s PFN Pick’em Panel, Week 1 results. How our “pro’s” do against the great Protime?

September 5, 2022  |  

Protime, the prognsoticator of prognosticators, the Karnak of football, that guesser of guessers has thrown down the gauntlet for our staff. He want’s to know who can outpick his weekely prognostications!  Well, our staff is up to the challenge!  Let’s see how our staff of, ahem, professionals, did……well, looks like Protime got beat! It won’t […]

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Protime Predictions

September 1, 2022  |  

Protime is not really technologically savvy.  This past week when the powers to be at PFN called for a zoom meeting, Protime had no idea what they were talking about.  When Protime was a little Protimer, he played with model planes and hot wheels cars.  The noise they made was ‘zoom’, but he was pretty […]

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Protime Predictions

August 25, 2022  |  

Well, Protime finds it hard to believe another high school football season is upon us.  Since he retired a year ago Mrs. Protime has kept him busy with the ole ‘Honey Do’ list.  So, he has to juggle his time so to speak.  In fact, Protime took up juggling this year as a hobby.  He […]

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Protime Predictions Week 15, 2021: The Finals at Hershey

December 8, 2021  |  

Ever since Protime was a little Protimer he wanted to win championships.  Over the years he has won baseball, softball, bowling, chess, and even predicting championships but never a football championship.  This weekend 6 teams will win championships and for many of the winning players it will be a dream come true.  For Protime, it’s […]

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Protime Predictions Week 14, 2021: The Semi-Finals

December 2, 2021  |  

  A couple years ago Protime was attending a game early in the year between two teams he had never seen before, one of which had not been having too much luck winning games the past few years. After the game in which this certain team lost again, he observed three of their fans having […]

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Protime Predictions Week 13, 2021

November 25, 2021  |  

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and reflecting on the good things in life.  Protime thanks Mrs. Protime for giving him the best Thanksgiving turkey dinners ever even though Protime refuses to eat the brussel sprouts.  He thanks Protime Jr. for giving him a hand with the yard work the past couple of summers […]

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Protime Predictions Week 12, 2021

November 18, 2021  |  

Back in the day when Protime was a long-distance runner and ran virtually every day, he seldom cancelled a scheduled run even if the weather was bad.  Protime was like the postman, he ran in rain, snow, sleet, and hail.  Protime even ran in heat, cold, and wind.  A couple of times he ran (not […]

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Protime Predictions Week 11, 2021

November 11, 2021  |  

This past Saturday Protime’s Sunday School class had a coffee and doughnut social event where everyone could turn out and chat about anything that came to mind.  Well, the subject quickly turned to creatures that people had dealt with in their homes over the years such as rodents and snakes. This did not sit well […]

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Protime Predictions week 10 2021

November 5, 2021  |  

The other day Protime’s trusty ole jalopy died in the middle of a busy intersection.  The truck driver behind him couldn’t make the turn because Protime was blocking the way.  After honking at Protime the truck driver got out and started walking briskly toward Protime.  The guy reminded Protime of bad, bad Leroy Brown.  As […]

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Protime Predictions week 9 2021

October 28, 2021  |  

Halloween is upon us this weekend and Protime hearkens back to yesteryear when he was just a kid who enjoyed trick and treating.  Some of Protime’s favorite Halloween costumes included Fred Flintstone (although it was kind of cold in bare feet at the end of October), Bugs Bunny (it got old saying, “what’s up doc?” […]

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Protime Predictions Week 8 2021

October 21, 2021  |  

A while back when Protime used to dabble in juggling, he decided he was good enough to juggle three of Mrs. Protime’s plates.  So, before supper he put on a nice show for the lovely Mrs. P and Protime Jr.  Now for the record, Mrs. P vehemently protested but Protime said the show must go […]

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Protime Predictions Week 7 2021

October 14, 2021  |  

A couple weeks ago Protime and Mrs. Protime went for a walk.  When they got back, the door was locked and Protime had forgotten the keys.  When Protime checked the other door and all of the first-floor windows he found they were all locked also.  This created quite a dilemma.  After weighing his options, Protime […]

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Protime Predictions Week 6, 2021

October 7, 2021  |  

Protime wants to know if his readers ever saw the Tim Conway-Harvey Korman dentist skit on the old Carol Burnett show.  If some of you players, fans, and coaches have never seen it, Google it.  Protime thinks you will not be disappointed and you’ll laugh hysterically and want to show it to your friends. […]

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Protime Predictions Week 5, 2021

September 30, 2021  |  

Protime checked one item off of his bucket list this summer when he played baseball with his son in the local Federation League.  Always wanting to play second base for the last third of an inning with Protime Junior on the mound, Protime got his wish on Fathers’ Day no less.  After walking 2 miles […]

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Protime Predictions, Week 4, 2021

September 23, 2021  |  

When Protime began to cover high school football games he didn’t park his duff in the pressbox or roam on the sidelines, he sat as close as he could to the fifty-yard line and as high up as he could to get that bird’s eye view. The very first game he attended as a member […]

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